HCHS Today February 2018

MESSAGE FROM THE SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT, David Kurlinkus This is one of the most difficult columns I’ve ever had to write. Dr. Lynn Gibson, Hononegah Superintendent, is retiring at the end of the school year. She announced this to the Hononegah faculty and staff at the beginning of the year. There hasn’t been much publicity about her plans because she didn’t want a big deal made out of her leaving. That’s Lynn—low key and focused on the students. Well, it is a big deal. For someone small of stature, she often describes herself as “five foot two, eyes of blue,” she has cast a gigantic shadow over the District, the school and the area. She came to Hononegah 13 years ago from the Harlem District as a grant writer. Dr. Ralph Marshall, then the Hononegah superintendent, called me and indicated that Lynn might be available. She had a terrific reputation in the area as a grant writer, and we agreed that she would be a tremendous asset to our District. Lynn was offered a position at Hononegah, but she had to think about it for awhile. As she explained to me later, she didn’t want to come here because she was running from Harlem—she had to know that the move was because she wanted to go to Hononegah. Thank goodness she determined she belonged here, because she did. She went from grant writer to assistant superintendent to superintendent and was outstanding in each position. You often hear that school districts are searching for a superintendent to “take them to the next level.” We were fortunate to actually find one. Lynn is a tireless advocate for her students. For her, everything revolves around “the kids.” Every now and then she will text me in the morning saying she is greeting students and parents outside of school. She always tells me how proud and happy she is to be at Hononegah with our wonderful kids. She is everyone’s mom. Lynn is, of course, the consummate educational leader. She is always on the cutting edge of new educational ideas. She has led several strategic planning sessions coming up with a series of five-year plans that have been, and will continue to be, the blueprints for Hononegah’s future. She coordinated and addressed 13 community forums in advance of our unsuccessful referendum. She immediately began planning for the field house referendum which passed last April. She negotiated the purchase of the “beautiful” old Rockton Grade School to address some of the long-term needs for space in the District. I am fortunate to have been the Board president during Lynn’s entire tenure at Hononegah. As such, I speak with her on a regular basis. I got her call when the school basement flooded and again when the Dome col- lapsed. Some memories are more pleasant than others. I have learned from her the importance of leaving a legacy and the value of knowing how to connect the dots. I will miss working with her, and I feel sorry for her successor. Madam Superintendent, you leave some awfully big shoes to fill.

On behalf of the Board I’d like to extend our sympathy to former Athletic Director Larry Weber and his family on the death of Larry’s wife, Toni. Both of them have always been great supporters of Hononegah.

Our regular Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the school library. If you are interested in being placed on the agenda to speak or would like to attend a committee meeting where most of our planning is done, please call the district office at 624-5010. You can always contact me at 389-1382 or e-mail me at dkurli@ hononegah.org .

Board of Education

District-Level Administration

Building-Level Administration

Lynn Gibson, Ed.D.

David Kurlinkus, President

Eric Flohr, Principal

Mary Lewis, Vice-President

Superintendent/Business Manager

Chad Dougherty, Executive Associate Principal

Sandy Fordell, Secretary

Kathleen Eckmann, Associate Principal

Kim Suedbeck, Ed.D.

Bob Geddeis

Assistant Superintendent

David Lombardo, Assistant Principal

Fred Hasse

Sean Milner

Daniel Phelps, Assistant Principal

Financial Director

Sarah Moore, Assistant Principal for Student Services

Diane LaForge

Scott Wallace

Steve Cofoid, Athletic/Activities Director


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