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Welcome to GE’s Global Projects Operation

Welcome to GE’s Global Projects Operation. As an integral part of the GE business, we are a customer-focused organization that designs and builds innovative systems to solve tough energy and water challenges in all regions of the world. GE serves the energy sector by providing technology and service solutions that are based on a commitment to quality and innovation. Our team’s experience in managing complex projects helps us to deliver the reliability and performance our customers expect. The unique capabilities of Global Projects Operation allow GE to offer flexible and comprehensive energy solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs anywhere in the world where cleaner, flexible, more efficient power and water is needed. In today’s constantly changing global energy industry, it has never been more important to connect with our customers and our Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partners to gain a deeper understanding of their specific needs and challenges. We are confident that we have the ability to help them succeed in meeting those challenges. This brochure provides a comprehensive view of our organization, offerings, and capabilities. We invite you to read through it to get to know us better, and we welcome your comments. Feedback on our past performance has helped us hone our expertise and expand our line of offerings. I am pleased to present GE’s Global Projects Operation, and we look forward to hearing from you.

John Reinker, Global Projects Operation GE Power & Water


Global Projects Operation

Introducing GE’S Global Projects Operation

GE’s Global Projects Operation offers industry-leading expertise in delivering project solutions to customers around the corner and around the world. Our project management, project engineering, system integration, planning, logistics, construction management commissioning, and startup teams work together to achieve success for complex projects. With decades of experience and project management resources located around the globe, GPO provides customers with the expertise to manage a project’s specific regional, operational and site conditions. We help customers in more than 100 countries solve today’s toughest energy and water challenges.


Global Projects oPeration

Global Projects Operation (GPO) takes the lead in coordinating GE’s activities as well as communicating with customers, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, architect engineers, and suppliers to ensure project success. With a broad view of the total project, GPO provides an array of project engineering and management services that balance customer needs with regional requirements to execute projects with expertise, quality, and attention to detail. Putting all the Pieces together As a global leader in the energy industry with widespread and embedded regional presence, GPO puts all the pieces together to deliver solid, end-to-end project solutions for our customers. From risk management to project structuring, from plant design to project execution, GPO builds a powerful network of EPCs to deliver innovative project engineering strategies, procurement and construction activities, project management services, along with industry-leading environmental, health and safety programs. GE’s heritage in providing complex project work began with Thomas Edison in the late 1880s, when he established the world’s first Engineer-Procure-Construct turnkey power system contractor. This led to the construction of 12 complete small town electric systems by 1884. We continue our passion for learning by expanding our expertise and building capabilities to meet the evolving challenges of tomorrow’s

global energy landscape. Our growing portfolio of solutions, founded on traditional power generation technologies, now includes advanced solutions for renewable wind and solar energies, water treatment technologies, gas engine applications and applications for global industries such as mining, metals, petrochemical, and the food and beverage industries. Whether your need is immediate or emerging, you can rely on GPO to deliver the value you need, where you need it, and when you need it.

EXPERIENCED project management resources loCatED aRouND thE globE

customer-Focused Functional expertise Knowledge, experience, expertise, excellence, and innovation are cornerstones of Global Projects Operation’s commitment to customer value. We utilize deep domain expertise in core functional areas to deliver project solutions, including: project management, engineering, logistics, project controls, contract management, site and construction management, commissioning, startup, EHS, finance, and quality.


project Management

Project Management

Project Structuring Developing an appropriate project structure is critical to allow a successful venture that satisfies and rewards the project participants. Putting the right project structure in place helps facilitate all phases effectively, from mitigating risk, to plant design and project execution, to solution delivery. Project structuring begins with defining the project scope and the customer’s commercial requirements, and then focuses on developing EPC relationships to build competitive solutions. Many times, this means engaging with one of our many EPC consortium partners to create the best solution for our customers. Our project structuring team matches project expertise with local talent and works with the most qualified EPC companies to ensure success for your project. Regional considerations are dynamic, and we work with EPCs that understand local codes and requirements, know local risk profiles, are familiar with local suppliers, and recognize keys to success. From equipment to turnkey projects, our flexible and proven models offer solutions that are specifically designed for your project.


project Management

Project Risk Management With decades of experience building power plant projects, we understand that project complexity drives risk. We integrate increasingly complex systems and components; as the project scope increases, so does the potential execution risks. GPO employs a robust risk management program utilizing our cross-product portfolio experience to anticipate, identify, and manage potential risks that could jeopardize project success. From logistics challenges to field rework to site permitting delays, our foresight, experience, and deep domain expertise can help mitigate or even avoid timely and costly project pitfalls. Our risk management program is built upon three pillars: risk prevention, including sharing lessons learned and best practices as part of the project structuring process; developing execution and operating rhythms, such as implementing integrated scheduling and reporting; and early dispute resolution, such as establishing a formalized management committee as part of our dispute process. Our global presence also means we have local resources ready to respond rapidly to emerging risks. Every project adds to our experience base, and we continually upgrade and refine our risk management program based on our broadening portfolio to better serve our customers and partners.

Plant Design and System Solution At GPO, we use innovation as a cornerstone to create new plant designs and integrate complex systems to deliver optimized performance, enhanced operability, and reduced costs for power, water, and industrial plants for customers around the world. With expertise in the full range of engineering disciplines, our project engineering teams employ innovative concepts and advanced technologies to develop holistic plant designs that enhance the total life cycle value of our customers’ projects. Power Island Detailed Design The Power Island Detail Design (PIDD) is a power plant engineering solution that supports the unique conditions and technical requirements for your particular project site. GPO’s PIDD uses advanced 3D modeling tools to create an optimized plant design specific to your project. The plant design will be optimized for performance, operation and maintenance, and reduced design interfaces, while improving constructability and allowing for improved field erection and coordination activities. GPO’s PIDD advanced modeling tool saves time and mitigates project risk.


Project ManaGeMent

Ge’s FlexeFFiciency * 50 coMbineD-cycle Power Plant The FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant, GE’s latest combined-cycle plant offering, exemplifies an innovative total plant design that defines a new standard for high efficiency and operational flexibility. The FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant utilizes an array of technologies from across our product lines into an integrated approach that improves overall plant design through systematic simplification. The single shaft, 50 Hz platform delivers power with increased efficiency and world-class operational flexibility while reducing the plant’s overall footprint. With a baseload efficiency of more than 61 percent, the new 510 MW block-size plant addresses our customers’ needs for generating power with reduced CO2 emissions and lower operating costs.


project Management

A New Standard in Operational Flexibility Flexible performance features of the FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant provide key operational capabilities, such as: • Rapid Start in Less than 30 Minutes — the FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant offers hot start capability in less than 30 minutes with reduced fuel burn and lower emissions. • Fast Ramp Rates — plant advancements result in a 51 MW per minute ramping capability and improved load adjustment capability, all within emissions guarantees. • Improved Turndown — the new plant offers turndown of less than 40 percent of baseload plant output within emissions guarantees, with development under way to achieve 20 percent of plant load as an operational state within emissions guarantees. • Fuel Flexibility — the plant can operate on natural gas or distillate fuel, with a natural gas modified wobbe index of +/- 10 percent to address fuel flexibility needs. Flexible Starting Options to Meet Shifting Demands GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant offers four distinct start options to provide operators with the flexibility to meet the operating demands of the day. • Conventional Start — suited for a baseload plant with no

cycling needs and where higher startup emissions are acceptable. • Smart Start Lite — suitable when some cycling is needed, but the need for low-cost starts is predominant. This also provides for low start emissions on hot starts. • Smart Start — provides for low start costs for negative spark spread, with low start emissions on hot, warm, and cold starts. • Rapid Response — provides the most flexibility with the lowest startup emissions, and is well-suited for daily starts The innovative total plant design provides a layout that improves powertrain access and increases power density by more than 10 percent over previous designs. The plant’s reduced footprint together with a shaft centerline height of 5.5 meters—among the lowest in its class—results in cost savings for foundations, enclosures, and buildings. Further design improvements, such as locating major pieces of equipment around the periphery of the power block, help reduce maintenance costs and outage times while facilitating faster construction, installation, and commissioning cycles. GE’s FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant is an innovative, integrated approach that delivers a total energy solution—quickly, efficiently, and effectively. and stops with positive spark spread. An Innovative, Total Plant Design


Project ManaGeMent


project Management

Project Execution The successful completion of thousands of projects in over 100 countries on six continents illustrates the depth of project execution experience GPO can bring to customers. Our long history and broad portfolio of projects has enabled the development of functional expertise that spans the power generation, transmission and distribution, water treatment, and industrial arenas. Each of our operating functions represents a critical element in our success. Our on-site project teams provide expertise in project management, project controls and logistics, field operations, project engineering, and EHS—all to keep your project on schedule and on budget. Project managers are dedicated professionals, most with more than a decade of project management experience and expertise in engineering, construction, manufacturing, and sourcing. These individuals represent GE during project execution with both customers and suppliers and are empowered to rapidly address critical customer issues and concerns. Project controls and logistics specialists move more than a million tons of material and manage thousands of project schedules per year. Using over 500 schedule templates, these specialists create predictive models to develop and

execute comprehensive project schedules. Project planning and logistics experts work with material suppliers around the globe, port authorities, freight forwarders, carriers, customs agents, and other professionals to ensure on-time delivery of large, sensitive, and valuable equipment. Site managers typically have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and expertise in equipment installation, construction, startup, and commissioning in a variety of project environments. These professionals drive site activities from mobilization through all stages of project execution to customer acceptance. Supporting it all are teams of expert professionals in project operations, quality, EHS, finance, and contract management, who implement world-class operational, quality, and safety processes that help keep your project on a safe and secure track. With GE’s Global Projects Operation, you benefit from an organization with established local expertise backed by the depth of global resources, all driven by the most important measure of success—customer satisfaction.


project Management

EHS at GE—More than a Philosophy At GE, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is the bedrock of our business. More than just our philosophy, outstanding EHS performance is integral to our operating culture and practiced everywhere, every day, in everything we do. Through our NoHarm initiative, we are building a culture of EHS excellence that promotes the safety of our employees, protects the environment, ensures regulatory compliance, delivers value to our customers, and protects the communities in which we operate. NoHarm defines the health and safety standards that we expect our employees, contractors, and EPC partners to demonstrate whenever and wherever we operate. To achieve this, we employ a proactive approach for anticipating, identifying and mitigating EHS risks to help avoid potential safety issues and impacts; and we empower our employees and contractors with the authority to stop work when an immediate safety or environmental risk is identified. Excellence in EHS helps differentiate us in the eyes of our customers, and GE’s unwavering commitment to excellence in EHS is a core value that places us among the best and most environmentally responsible companies in the world.


Project oFFerinGs

Project oFFerinGs Global Projects Operation offers end-to-end project management and engineering services to complement a broad range of GE’s portfolio of products and project solutions. Our projects include thermal and aeroderivative gas turbines, wind turbines, water treatment systems, reciprocating gas engines, and more. Our offerings are flexible in scope, ranging from supply of GE equipment to Engineered Equipment Packages (EEP) to full turnkey solutions, and each offering can easily be customized to meet specific customer needs. GPO delivers world-class capabilities from project conception through completion, offering one complete GE solution to meet customers’ most complex and challenging needs.

GPO deliverswOrld-class caPabilities frOm PrOject conception through completion .


Project Offerings

Thermal and Aeroderivative Project Solutions



Equipment Equipment performance guarantees

— Gas turbine(s) and accessories — Steam turbine(s) and accessories — Generator(s) and accessories

GE Technical Advisory Services (TAs)*


Engineered Equipment Package (EEP) Combined-Cycle Performance and plant operability guarantees

— HRSG(s) w/exhaust stacks — Plant Control System (DCS) — Emissions Control Monitoring (CEMS) — Critical Control Valves (CCV) EEP PLUS includes additional BOP — Transformers GSU and auxiliaries

— Plant engineering/coordination — Overall plant systems integration — Major BOP equipment functional definition — Critical systems detailed design — Plant controls implementation — Plant conceptual design, review and consultation — Technical Direction and Supervision (TDI) — Vendor TAs — Plant startup and commission management

— Isolated phase bus duct — HV and MV switchgear — Pumps and gas compressors — Fuel treatment equipment — Cooling tower(s) — Condenser(s)

+ +

Power Island Detailed Design package (PIDD)

Power island construction packages

— Plant power island engineering and detailed design ( civil/undergrounds, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation) — Construction installation/erection support — Construction management services — Site preparation and civil/structural works — Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation and erection services


Complete turnkey power plant — BOP equipment and materials


Project Offerings

Wind Project Solutions



e ( Equipment)

Wind turbine and options Controls and SCADA

— Turbine suitability analysis (WRA and MLA) — Project support services (PM, SM, TA, etc.) — Turbine commissioning

+ + + +

eL ( Equipment, Logistics)

Delivery to port of import or project site

eLI ( Equipment, Logistics, Installation)

Mechanical and electrical installation of the turbine

eLIF ( Equipment, Logistics, Installation, Foundations)


— Customer foundation design “peer review” and inspection — Site-specific foundation design — Foundation design and construction

eLIFT ( Equipment, Logistics, Installation, Foundations, Turnkey)

— Civil BOP infrastructure — Electrical BOP equipment

— Civil BOP design and construction — Electrical BOP design and construction — Substation design and construction


Project Offerings

WATER Project Solutions




Water treatment equipment

GE Technical Advisory Services (TAs)*

+ +

Engineered Equipment Package (EEP)

Water treatment equipment, process engineering and interconnects between supplied equipment

— GE Technical Advisory Services (TAs)* — Commissioning and installation of supplied equipment (EEP+)

Turnkey ( with EPC Partner)

— GE provides process equipment, performance guarantee, testing and commissioning lead — EPC Partner does the installation and supply of the BOP — EPC Turnkey scope executed without an EPC partner — Supply of BOP for non-core water scope

—( Optional) Extended warranties with the supply of chemicals and membranes —( Optional) Plant operation and maintenance —( Optional) Extended warranties with the supply of chemicals and membranes —( Optional) Plant operation and maintenance


Project Offerings

Gas Engines Project Solutions




— Gas engine/genset — Gas train — Engine control panel — ORC — Material stream

— Testing and commissioning — Contractual Service Agreements — O&M — Transactional Field Service — Training


Extended Scope

— Radiator — Containers — Silencer — Gas compressor — Steam boiler

— Enhaust gas heat exchanger — De-coupling heat exchanger — Catalyst — Water pumps, TCV — Master control panel



— Electrical BOP (LV, HV and protection of HV switch- gear, transformers, alternators, earthing, etc.) — Mechanical BOP (exhaust gas stack, support struc- tures, water and exhaust piping, oil tank, gas supply)

— Detailed engineering — Local approval — Inland transportation — Site supervision — Installation — Civil work


Project Offerings

NUCLEAR Project Solutions




— GE Technical Advisory Services (TAs) — Licensing services — Vendor TAs — Configuration management — Equipment performance guarantees

— Nuclear Island major equipment — Reactor pressure vessel and internals — FMCRD-HCU-RCIS — Turbine Island major equipment — Steam turbine generator and auxiliary — Condenser — Feedwater heaters/pumps — Transformers, switchgear and/or DCIS — Simulator

— Equipment training — Parts, fuel services — Transportation services

+ + +

Engineered Equipment Package (EEP)

— Nuclear and/orTurbine Island design with major equipment — Integrated DCIS for Nuclear and/or Turbine Island — Functional specifications for yard

— Plant performance guarantees — Commissioning and startup services — Plant training — Quality assurance

Extended Engineered Equipment Pkg (EEP+)

— NI and TI building design — Yard design

— Plant detailed engineering and design — Documents to support EPC take-offs

Turnkey ( with Partner)

— Buildings — Utility systems (switchyard) — Cable/Raceway/MCCs — Piping and valves — Foundations/Structures — Integration to an existing site

— Site separation — Site preparation — Civil works — Labor — Installation and erection — Construction management — Quality control


Powering the Globe, Region by Region

LaPossessionVitri Montoir





PlanaDelVent Granadilla II AsPontes C.C.C.Sabon PortdeBarcelona Besos5 C.C.C.Aceca


Basin II

Whitegate Tynagh





Fina Balikesir





Kenitra Mohammedia


Koudiet AlgerPort Oran Annaba



Global execution: 20+ GW Turnkey projects, 2008-2011


Feriana Thyna LaGoulette



RasAbu Qatalum




Thermal Renewables Water Aeroderivative

Marafiq IWPP



Samra II



Banha GizaNorth


Powering the Globe, Region by Region

GPO is a global organization that delivers energy projects around the world. We know from experience that each region has distinct challenges specific to its laws, codes and standards, languages, regulations, climate, geography, and a host of other factors. To better serve our customers from the Americas to Europe, from Asia to Africa, from India to Australia and beyond, GPO is strengthening its presence in every region in which we operate.


Powering the Globe, Region by Region

Having regional resources deepens our understanding of local needs and challenges, and enables us to meet our customers’ needs with increased responsiveness, speed, and efficiency. Regional teams strengthen local customer and EPC relationships, increase our knowledge of local codes and standards, and improve communication by removing language barriers. GPO’s local functional expertise and capability enables faster response and mobilization times, and maximizes resources to serve each project.

GPO Regional Fast Facts Latin America

• GPO’s regional centers are well equipped and experienced to handle any size project in this region

• With infrastructure and energy projects in high demand, GPO established a Latin America office which is rapidly growing in all aspects of project management to support our customers’ increasing demand Asia • Project management capabilities across all product lines • Employees in nine countries managing more than 70 active projects • Main offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur Middle East/Africa • Employees in our regional centers serve thermal, oil and gas, and water customers

(35 complex projects executed recently) • Main offices in Dubai and South Africa Europe

• Employees in more than 25 countries offer full plant engineering design, installation, and commissioning capabilities • 22 turnkey projects, and 128 complex projects executed recently • Headquarters in Belfort and Austria and main offices
 in Moscow, Algiers, Salzbergen, Oslo, and Milan


Projects showcase

the PRojecTS ShoWcaSe demonstrates GE Power & Water’s portfolio of project capabilities, technologies, and expertise executed in regions around the world. SABIYA COMBInEd-CYCLE POWER PLAnt, kuWAIt Ge and hyundai heavy industries collaborate to build Kuwait’s largest combined-cycle Plant Kuwait is experiencing tremendous economic and social development, and is one of the world’s highest per capita consumers of power. To help meet the soaring demand for electricity, GE and Hyundai Heavy Industries teamed up to build Kuwait’s largest combined- cycle power plant, which is also one of the largest in the gulf region. The 2,000-MW power plant features three combined-cycle power blocks–including six GE 9FA gas turbines with the latest emission-reducing technology. GE will operate and maintain the plant for seven years following startup, and GE teams are on site to train employees of the Ministry of Electricity and Water to operate the plant efficiently and in accordance with industry best practices.


Projects Showcase

Marafiq Independent Water and Power Plant (IWPP), Saudi Arabia GE Leads Consortium to Develop World’s Largest Independent Water and Power Plant Provides 20% of water supply and 10% of power for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Won Power & Water Plant of the Year Award in 2010 Integrating water and power production at a single site is a growing need, especially in the Middle East where population and industrial growth rates are exceeding most other regions of the world. To help Saudi Arabia provide power and water for industrial and domestic uses, GE led a consortium of EPC companies to develop the world’s largest IWPP, designed to produce 2,750 MW of power and 211 million gallons of desalinated water per day. GE also supplied 12 7 FA gas turbine-generator sets, four steam turbine-generators, and 12 heat recovery steam generators for the Marafiq project. GE was recognized with the first-ever Award for Sustainability from Marafiq for its commitment to develop sustainable technologies that promote social and economic development.


Projects Showcase

Oresundsverket Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, Sweden GE Delivers Turnkey CHP Plant with World-Class Efficiency Largest Swedish energy project in the last 25 years Designed to operate ~7,000 hours per year Produces 3 TWh of electricity and 1 TWh of district heat annually

“ We selected GE because of their power generation experience and leadership,” said Anders Svensson, Malmo plant manager, “and we are sure that we have the world’s most efficient CHP plant of its kind.”

E.On Sweden, one of the largest and most environmentally conscious power producers in Sweden, is having great success with the Oresundsverket CHP plant. Located in Malmo, Sweden, the CHP plant provides electricity for 70 percent of the households in southern Sweden along with 40 percent of Malmo’s heating requirements. Featuring GE’s latest combined-cycle technology, including a 9FB gas turbine and DLN 2.6+ combustion system, the plant generates 453 MW of electricity at greater than 58 percent efficiency. At full cogeneration, the CHP plant produces 400 MW of electricity and 250 MW of heat at 90 percent efficiency while decreasing carbon dioxide emission levels by about 1,000,000 tons per year.


Projects Showcase

Port de Barcelona Power Plant, Spain GE’s Advanced F-Class Technology Powers Port of Barcelona

The 850 MW combined-cycle Port de Barcelona Power Plant features two of GE’s 9FB gas turbines. Manufactured at GE’s facilities in Belfort, France, GE’s 9FB gas turbine is among the world’s most advanced air-cooled 50 Hz gas turbines, and the latest evolutionary step in GE’s F-class technology. GE was the turnkey consortium leader for the project, and under separate contract, will provide complete operation and maintenance services for the plant.


Projects Showcase

Coolidge Generating Station, Phoenix, Arizona One of the Largest Power Plants in U.S. Capable of Rapid 10-Minute Startups The Salt River Project (SRP) is a publicly owned utility supplying water and power primarily to the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. To meet demand during the extremely hot summer months, the project required the green field erection of a nominal 575 MW peaking plant for exporting power exclusively to the Salt River Project. The simple-cycle peaking power plant at the Coolidge Generating Station uses 12 of GE’s LM6000PC SPRINT NXGEN combustion turbine-generators with evaporative cooling power augmentation to supply electricity to 500,000 homes. At the push of a button during peak demand, all 12 natural gas-fired turbines can start up in just 10 minutes—making this one of the largest plants in the U.S. capable of such rapid startups. With average ambient temperatures exceeding 100°F, the plant can continue to operate at temperatures as high as 122 °F or as low as 15°F.


Projects Showcase

“ KESC selected GE’s Jenbacher gas engines because they have a proven track record in Pakistan with the capability for rapid installation. Furthermore, GE also has the manu- facturing capacity to meet our needs for such a large number of engines in a very short period of time,” said Tabish Gauhar, CEO of KESC.

GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines Power Plant, Karachi, Pakistan “ Fast Track” Gas Engines Power Plant to Bridge Demand-Supply Gap and Provide Affordable Energy

Fast track turnkey project within existing plant Won the Asian Power Plant Gold & Silver Award

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) is using 64 of GE’s Jenbacher gas engines to supply 180 MW of urgently needed power to the local grid. GE’s Jenbacher gas engines have helped KESC bridge the demand-supply gap, enabling the company to manage their load as per their distribution policy. KESC installed 32 of GE’s J620 natural gas-fueled engines in each of two power plants in Karachi.


Projects Showcase

CEZ Wind farm in fantanele, Romania GE Supplies Advanced 2.5xl Wind Turbines for Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Project

The European Union (EU) has set goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent while increasing renewable energy capacity 20 percent by the year 2020, with national targets set for each member state. To help Romania reach its EU target, GE supplied 240 2.5 xl wind turbines in two phases for the Fantanele wind project, creating the largest onshore wind farm in Europe. The site has a total capacity of 600 MW of wind power, enough wind- generated electricity to supply power to more than 400,000 homes. Manufactured at GE’s wind turbine facility in Salzbergen, Germany, the 2.5xl wind turbine represents GE’s most advanced wind turbine technology in terms of efficiency, reliability, and grid connection capabilities, and is designed to yield the highest annual energy production in its class.


Projects Showcase

“ GE will provide the technical expertise and the process equipment for the project, while we will bring our design experience and construction skills to the job,” said Stephen Wilson, infrastructure general manager for Laing O’Rourke.

QGC Water Treatment Plant, Australia GE’s Advanced Technology Produces Beneficial Water from Coal Seam Gas Extraction

QGC, a leading coal seam gas producer in Australia, signed a contract with GE and Laing O’Rourke consortium for the construction of a water treatment plant to treat the saline water produced during coal seam gas extraction. The new Kenya Water Treatment Plant will use GE’s advanced membrane and thermal water treatment technologies to desalinate up to 72 million liters of water per day, producing water suitable for reuse in applications such as irrigation for farming and process water for industrial uses. The new water treatment project builds on an existing relationship between GE and Laing O’Rourke, as the two companies worked together on the recently completed Darling Downs Power Station, the largest combined-cycle power plant in Australia.


Projects showcase

LIYuAn POWER PLAnt, CHInA turning harmful waste Gas into Power

co 2 emissions reduced by more than 432,000 tons per year no x emissions <39 ppm

two of GE’s LM2500+SAC aeroderivative gas turbines at the Liyuan Power Plant are helping China meet its increasing need for energy while significantly reducing harmful environmental emissions from waste coke-oven gas. GE’s LM2500+SAC units use formerly wasted coke-oven gas as fuel to produce electricity in the region’s first-ever custom-designed coke-oven gas (COG) application. Among all the current waste gas treatment methods, GE’s solution is more reliable, cleaner for the environment, and uses the residual energy at a higher efficiency rate.


a complete solution

By selecting GE’s Global Projects Operation to manage your energy project, you’re selecting an organization with world-class project management expertise and a proven track record of delivering flexible project solutions tailored to meet your most demanding challenges. As a global organization with a local presence, GPO is uniquely positioned to combine the breadth of global resources with the depth of regional understanding to provide end-to-end project execution. With knowledge, experience, expertise, excellence and innovation as the cornerstones of our foundation, and a commitment to safety, quality, and unyielding integrity at the forefront of our philosophy, Global Projects Operation puts all the pieces in place to help our customers build a better energy future. a complete solution


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