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October 2017


Issue I

Hope, help, and strength Wellness program promotes positive social network

By Amara Neitzke Homecoming controversy: Kindness over tradition Per usual, I was periodically checking my social media. I was unfazed by the memes; however, I began seeing tweets from my peers spewing about Appleton West’s decision to have a gender neutral home- coming court. On Sept. 20, the homecoming committee of Appleton West posted on their Facebook page details about this year’s home- coming. The post contained the announcement: “There will be no selection of a single Queen or King or roy- alty position.” West will still allow students to vote for six seniors, two ju- niors, two sophomores, and two freshmen to make up their homecoming court. What’s dif- ferent? There is a lack of con- difficult for a school to support running a popularity contest. Student-leader input suggested that the focus on a group of representatives rather than indi- viduals is most appropriate for 2017.” The uproar on Twitter was sparked by students and alumni feeling as though a “tradition” was being taken away from them. “I think that true ‘inclusion’ should be allowing anyone to be on homecoming court. Let the school vote for two homecom- ing representatives, regardless of their gender. It doesn’t seem right to break the tradition for the entire school,” said North senior Kalen Klitzke. It is frustrating when a par- ticular group of people simply want equal opportunities and they are told that they are ask- ing for too much. Kudos toWest for celebrating diversity, and focusing on the qualities of the Amara Neitzke is the Social Media Editor for the Noctiluca cern when it comes to this individual’s gender or popu l a r i t y. West further backed this decision by stating, “It has been in- c r e a s i n g l y

By Ahmad Abdel-Azim A woman strolled on a waterside every day, and one day, she came upon a drowning man about to fall over the edge of a waterfall. The woman leaped into the water and rescued the man. The next day, the woman was strolling along the water, as per usual, and saw a lady drowning, about to fall over the edge of the same waterfall, so the woman jumped in and rescued her. The follow- ing day, the woman came back to the same waterside with a few friends to aid her in case of another person drowning. Indeed, there were four people drowning at the edge of the wa- terfall, and the woman’s friends jumped into the water strug- gling to rescue them. Instead of jumping in with them, however, the woman walked upstream to try to find out why people were falling into the water in the first place. Instead of having to deal with drowning people, she de- cided to prevent the problem before it happens. This is the idea behind a new Literary works are an im- portant aspect of society. They force us to think about previ- ously unconsidered subjects as well as oil the gears of progress and change. However, books can create a chasm between the readers and authors. After read- ing a fantastic book, a reader yearns to meet the author to ask questions and know the thought process behind the story. This desire to acquaint authors and readers was the basis for the start of the Fox Cities Book Fes- tival. The festival was started by El- len Kort, Wisconsin’s first poet laureate ten years ago. “Her goal was to connect readers and writers,” says Mr. Bernard Ed- monds, North ELA teacher and the president of the Board of the Fox Cities Book Festival. Mr. Edmonds has been a part of the

North Principal Mr. Pynenberg holds the Sources of Strength ball, a symbol of the new initiative. Sources of Strength was started to focus on positive social networks at Appleton North. Photo by Olivia Molter.

their condition worsens to de- pression or to that “dark spot,” as Mr. David Pynenberg, princi- pal at North High School, calls it. Last school year, the Positive Psychology club introduced Sources of Strength, when students were invited to write about their sources of strength and post them on a colorful pinwheel in the commons. This pinwheel still stands as a re- minder that we all have sources of strength, which we must con- tinue to construct and refer back

See Abdel-Azim , page 2 to whenever needed. There are eight strengths that have been shown to reduce suicide risk: medical access, mental health, family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, gen- erosity, and spirituality. Horton- ville High School adopted this program two years ago, and they have already seen dramatic improvements in social con- nectedness among students and teen mental health. This year,AppletonNorthwill

program coming to Appleton North, known as Sources of Strength. Sources of Strength is an inclusive wellness program that focuses on suicide preven- tion by using peer leaders ad- vised by adult mentors to pro- mote positive social behaviors. The goal of the program is to build students up by providing them with three things: Hope, Help, and Strength. It aims to help struggling students before n For more about suicide prevention, see Pages 6-7 festival from the beginning. “El- len Kort was a friend of mine, and she asked me to be a part of it,” he said. Around fifty au- thors are involved in the festival and come to meet their readers and discuss their work. These authors come from in and out of Wisconsin, one of the most notable being Laurie Halse An- derson, the author of the popular book, Speak . Around 110 events will be held in the span of a week, previous attendance at about 10,000 people. Funded by many organizations, attendance is free and available to all, from toddlers to adults. marily libraries. Visit the website at www.foxcities If you go The Fox Cities Book Festival is from Oct. 9 to 15 at various locations in the Fox Cities, pri-

Fox Cities Book Festival connects authors to audience By Salma Abdel-Azim

Mr. Edmonds, president of Fox Cities Book

Festival for three years,

reads Crafting a life in essay, story, poem, by Donald Murray. Photo illustration by Olivia Molter.

about their experiences about writing two novels together and advice on how to write a book. Closest to the Appleton Area, the Appleton Public Library will host eleven events with at least one on nearly everyday. Many more venues will be held across the Fox Cities in a variety of places. To access information about the events and authors, visit the website, www.foxci-

Held from Oct. 9 to the 15, these events will take place at over twenty locations around the Fox Cities, the majority in public libraries. From impor- tant discussions about censor- ship to strange stories about the Midwest, these events cater to a wide variety of interests and re- lay information.Appleton North is hosting two of these events on Sunday, Oct. 12 in the LMC. Authors Bruce Chudacoff and Tanya Solomonwill be speaking

See Neitzke , page 2

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