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Corrections and Amplifications

We apologize that in the January 2016 issue, inadvertently, the printer had problems and in the “Precious Pets” column it should have read as follows: Dr. WILLIAM and NANCY SHERMAN. Also on page 8 under “Meet Your New Neighbors,” SHERMAN should not have been hyphenated. Unfortunately, the printer had a mind of its own last month and we are truly sorry. bobbe wiener, editor


LEWIS FINKEL had a Hole-In-One on Monday, February 1, 2016. It was on hole number 9 of the South Course. He used a 5 Hybrid for 119 yards .

The Homefront column is designed to inform our members where in the community our new residents are living and other residences they may have. It also keeps up with our present members who have stayed in the community but moved to new dwellings. Of course we always wish our members who are moving out of the community good luck wherever their travels take them and our new members and established members good luck in their new address. SUSAN and TED DAVIS bought Sidelle Olsoff’s home on Provence Drive. They also reside in Norwalk, Connecticut. NAOMI and SIDNEY SPIEGEL purchased David Moscow’s home on Monet Drive. We welcome them back as members to Frenchman’s. They also reside in Toronto, Canada. MARGERY and PHILIP GOTTFRIED bought Iris Capobianco’s home on Marseilles Drive. KRISTA and STEVE NICKLAUS purchased the Packer home on Calais Drive. PENNY and FRED ABRAMS bought Linda Epstein’s home on Rhone Drive. We are always happy to welcome former members back to the fold! They also reside in Aspen, Colorado. If you want to welcome Penny and Fred their phone number is 561-345-6318. GARI and IRA DANSKY bought Terry Goldberg’s house on Marseilles Drive. They also reside in Greenwich, Connecticut. Welcome all to many years of health and happiness at the Creek !

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By June Duffine Guest correspondent

Dr. Barry Fenner was our guiding force behind a sensational weekend from Friday evening, January 22nd thru Sunday, January 25th, 2016. Add in Ruth Amiel and Joan Gelch’s talent in organizing the show with Kelly Luchini, the professional–created two superb ARTenchanted evenings. We had 194 pieces of art, consisting of sculpture, painting, photographs, needlework, etc. We also had 60 artists (listed below) and some newcomers grace our show. Bright lites continued with dancing to the Street Talk Orchestra. The tables were magnificent. The dinner by our Executive Chef, Bernd Linsenmayer, was absolutely delicious. Helping to make the show superb and a very deserved thank you, were Andrea Ile and Sue Govender, from the food and beverage department, always an exceptional pair; Andrew Taylor from the Engineering department which set up and built all the walls and displays; and finally Achal Goswami for his guidance. Akers, Caren Halpert, Beverly Schreibman, Richard Amiel, Ruth Hellman, Sandra Schwartz, Cindy - New Artist Berger, Michael Karlin, Ruth Schwartzberg, Debbie Berkley, Peter Katz, Helene Shafer, Maryellen Brinkwirth, Gabriele Katz, Susan Shaw, Gerald Brody, Caryl Kernan, Marjorie Sheldon, Robert Campon, Lourdes Kimball, Robin Silverberg, Dan Caplan, Arlene Klotz, Nancy Simmons, Robert - In Memoriam Caplan, Harriet Kravecas, Marie Adler Singerman, Margaret Charlowe, David Kronfeld, Mona Smernoff, Myrna - New Artist Cohen, Ann Lanscioni, Dick Smith, Carol Cowen, Dolores Levine, Ruth Stavisky, Ruth Duffine, June Lippman, Robert Stern, Barbara Edelman, Rhoda Luby, Joan - In Memoriam Sternberg, Sue Fanaroff, Avroy McDougall, Adele Tezyk, Iana - New Artist Fenner , Barry Newman, Eleanor Tobin, Judy Fuirst, Alan Peckman, Irwin Torgan, Marjorie Glazer, Norma Peckman, Ruth Wiseman, Irving Golden, Jerome Rosiny, Frank - New Artist Zimmerman, Harilyn

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The 2016 Ladies Member/Member Golf Tournament was played in January with the competitors divided into four flights. The format was match play - better net ball of partners - with everyone receiving 90% of their handi- caps. The tournament began as scheduled on Thursday, January 7, on the South course, but, thanks to weather related problems the rest of the rounds needed rescheduling. Because of rain Tuesday, January 12 became Thursday, January 14 on the North Course, and Tuesday, January 19 (which had been rescheduled from January 14) became Thursday, January 21 because of unusual cold. Congratulations to all of the women who persevered and thanks to Robert, Rich and the golf staff for all their efforts in seeing that everything went smoothly.

Flight #1

Ann Cohen & Rima Robinson – Winners Susan Weingeroff & Sandi Lamm – Runners-Up

Flight #2

Marion Newman & Nancy Berkley – Winners Debra LaLonde & Gaby Brinkwirth – Runners-Up

Flight #3

Ronni Grebow & Mary Lou Cocci – Winners Sandra Myrow & Lois Kleinberg – Runners-Up

Flight #4

Phyllis Hershman & Sue Sternberg – Runners-Up Linda M. Epstein & Myna Homburger - Winners

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"The Best Exotic Marigold Golf Tournament", the first Ladies Member-Guest of the season, was a wonderful day -- and one of the few days of delightful weather we've had. Dressed in rich colors of India, well more than 200 women started the day with breakfast in the dining room and took their foursome pictures in front of the Taj Mahal. They then teed off in foursomes that more than covered both courses. Divided into four flights, the golfers played a one best ball shamble, with each receiving 90 percent of her handicap.

Following golf, the ladies were welcomed into a truly beautifully decorated dining room with a magnificent entryway of cascading orchids. They were treated to a delicious and very unusual lunch which included many Indian dishes in an extensive buffet. Many thanks to co-chairs Phyllis Berger, Barbara Benerofe and Sharon Rochlin and their committee for a lovely and imaginative day.

As they always do, our exceptional golf and dining staffs worked hard and did a great job to ensure a successful and memorable experience.

The dessert reflected the Taj Mahal and the colors of the day.

Frenchman’s Creek Excursion to Lake Worth: Street Art Festival

Helene and Marty Myers Jeri and Norman Jacobs Elaine and Robert Parks

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This month we are introducing a new column which was featured in our January edition. Birding with the B’s is of course our two birders, Dr. Bob Gleiber and Dr. Burt Greenberg . It will feature the bird of the Month which the two B’s see that month and have taken a picture for us to enjoy.

Roseate Spoonbill

American Coot.

White Ibis

Women Playing For Cancer Research culminated their events on January 26th with a luncheon following the golf tournament. Over 200 women partook this year to celebrate the many women touched by cancer and the desire to help eradicate this illness by research supporting Scripps Research Institute, Scripps Florida and supporting four Women For Cancer Research Fellows in Cancer Biology.

The delicious luncheon was followed by a candle lighting ceremony and raffle. Other events held this season to support WFCR was a Neiman-Marcus Fashion Show, Tennis and Pickleball tournaments and a day of playing bridge with the pros. This year, WFCR raised over $225,000, adding to the $1 million dollars raised in past years supporting Cancer Research at Scripps Florida.

Co-Chairs of WFCR are Vicki Wildstein and Gale Salz.

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Column by: Lois Stern Photography by : Bob Cohen

After losing their 3 year old yellow lab to lymphoma, NANCY and STEVE BERNSTEIN, felt that they could not stand to lose another dog, However, as they relate, they felt a void, but did not identify it as not having a dog– but did find themselves always petting a pup whenever they saw a cute one. Steve read about a breeder who bred Havanese and Poodles, who do not shed, are friendly, bright and small enough to commute on a plane with us in the cabin. So I visited the breeder and immediately fell in love with this little white ball of fluff, who played with enthusiasm and immediately fell asleep in my arms. It was holiday season and 12

members of our family were visiting. I convinced Nancy to look at the puppy– no commitment, however, she was hooked and Doodle became ours. Today, she is a big part of our lives and greets us with warmth and affection, even if we are only gone for a short time. She follows us from room to room and only eats her food when we eat ours. I feel she understands English and has the ability to tell us what she wants without uttering a sound. I do not know how we did without her– who else would take me out 3-4 times a day for exercise.



Sage is a three year old Weimaraner who truly believes she is a princess. She loves her walks and runs in and out of Frenchman’s. As long as there is no snow or rain, she is happy. Her favorite past time is watching TV especially “lucky dog,” which she truly is!

LISETTE and HANK SIEGEL with Chloe and Isabella.

Chloe and Issy are our amazing Porties (Portuguese Water Dogs.) Chloe is 14 and Issy is 6 years old. They are loving their winter home at Frenchman’s Creek just as much as we do. Their favorite snack is the mini muffins at the 19th Hole. They also have an affinity for the brisket. Chloe loves lounging on our chaises and watching the golfers on #5 South. Issy loves the water, like a good Portuguese Water Dog– and we have to watch her around the canal next to the 5th hole as she tries to jump in the water and get to the golfers on the tee !

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The Community mourns the loss of our following members

GENE HERSHMAN who lived at 13340 Verdun Drive and was a member since 1990. Our heartfelt sympathies to his beloved wife, Phyllis and their entire family. LES WEISER who lived at 13901 Rivoli Drive and was a member since 1993. Our heartfelt sympathies to his beloved wife, Maddy and their children and grandchildren.

FC Life Staff

Editor Bobbe Wiener

Correspondents Mimi Bergel, Emily Bromberg, Shirley Goldberg, Marleen Hacker, Jeri Jacobs, Myrna Leven, Norma Lippman, Dan Myerson, Adele Shamban, Lois Stern, Judy Tobin

Photographers Marleen Hacker and Bob Cohen

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