FC Life February, 2016

Corrections and Amplifications

We apologize that in the January 2016 issue, inadvertently, the printer had problems and in the “Precious Pets” column it should have read as follows: Dr. WILLIAM and NANCY SHERMAN. Also on page 8 under “Meet Your New Neighbors,” SHERMAN should not have been hyphenated. Unfortunately, the printer had a mind of its own last month and we are truly sorry. bobbe wiener, editor


LEWIS FINKEL had a Hole-In-One on Monday, February 1, 2016. It was on hole number 9 of the South Course. He used a 5 Hybrid for 119 yards .

The Homefront column is designed to inform our members where in the community our new residents are living and other residences they may have. It also keeps up with our present members who have stayed in the community but moved to new dwellings. Of course we always wish our members who are moving out of the community good luck wherever their travels take them and our new members and established members good luck in their new address. SUSAN and TED DAVIS bought Sidelle Olsoff’s home on Provence Drive. They also reside in Norwalk, Connecticut. NAOMI and SIDNEY SPIEGEL purchased David Moscow’s home on Monet Drive. We welcome them back as members to Frenchman’s. They also reside in Toronto, Canada. MARGERY and PHILIP GOTTFRIED bought Iris Capobianco’s home on Marseilles Drive. KRISTA and STEVE NICKLAUS purchased the Packer home on Calais Drive. PENNY and FRED ABRAMS bought Linda Epstein’s home on Rhone Drive. We are always happy to welcome former members back to the fold! They also reside in Aspen, Colorado. If you want to welcome Penny and Fred their phone number is 561-345-6318. GARI and IRA DANSKY bought Terry Goldberg’s house on Marseilles Drive. They also reside in Greenwich, Connecticut. Welcome all to many years of health and happiness at the Creek !

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