FC Life February, 2016


By June Duffine Guest correspondent

Dr. Barry Fenner was our guiding force behind a sensational weekend from Friday evening, January 22nd thru Sunday, January 25th, 2016. Add in Ruth Amiel and Joan Gelch’s talent in organizing the show with Kelly Luchini, the professional–created two superb ARTenchanted evenings. We had 194 pieces of art, consisting of sculpture, painting, photographs, needlework, etc. We also had 60 artists (listed below) and some newcomers grace our show. Bright lites continued with dancing to the Street Talk Orchestra. The tables were magnificent. The dinner by our Executive Chef, Bernd Linsenmayer, was absolutely delicious. Helping to make the show superb and a very deserved thank you, were Andrea Ile and Sue Govender, from the food and beverage department, always an exceptional pair; Andrew Taylor from the Engineering department which set up and built all the walls and displays; and finally Achal Goswami for his guidance. Akers, Caren Halpert, Beverly Schreibman, Richard Amiel, Ruth Hellman, Sandra Schwartz, Cindy - New Artist Berger, Michael Karlin, Ruth Schwartzberg, Debbie Berkley, Peter Katz, Helene Shafer, Maryellen Brinkwirth, Gabriele Katz, Susan Shaw, Gerald Brody, Caryl Kernan, Marjorie Sheldon, Robert Campon, Lourdes Kimball, Robin Silverberg, Dan Caplan, Arlene Klotz, Nancy Simmons, Robert - In Memoriam Caplan, Harriet Kravecas, Marie Adler Singerman, Margaret Charlowe, David Kronfeld, Mona Smernoff, Myrna - New Artist Cohen, Ann Lanscioni, Dick Smith, Carol Cowen, Dolores Levine, Ruth Stavisky, Ruth Duffine, June Lippman, Robert Stern, Barbara Edelman, Rhoda Luby, Joan - In Memoriam Sternberg, Sue Fanaroff, Avroy McDougall, Adele Tezyk, Iana - New Artist Fenner , Barry Newman, Eleanor Tobin, Judy Fuirst, Alan Peckman, Irwin Torgan, Marjorie Glazer, Norma Peckman, Ruth Wiseman, Irving Golden, Jerome Rosiny, Frank - New Artist Zimmerman, Harilyn

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