Stepping into Management Assessor Cards

K1: Assessors sign off: Due Diligence Manual

Assessors Brief

Before assessing your learner, please ensure you have the full knowledge, skill and capability that are required by your learner. You will assess your learner by observing him/her completing the following tasks:

• Complete a weekly check of the Kitchen Due Diligence and highlight the corrective action to the KM/GM

Assessment criteria

The learner must demonstrate the following whilst completing the task



• Ensure you know how to access the relevant documents • Accurately complete relevant documents to business requirements • Ensure that relevant documents are complete by the proper person within the time required • In the case of emergency know where to print records paper based records and accurately complete • Respond to queries about the completion of relevant documents, within the boundaries of your authority

Whilst the learner completes the task, please ask the following questions to check knowledge:

Q1. Who is responsible for filling out the Due Diligence? – Everyone

Q2. Where can you obtain extra copies if required? – Back Office System – Ask my manager

Q3. When do you fill in the DD Documentation? – As you go, as and when you complete the task and as close to the time range stipulated on Blue Sky

Q4. Can you give an example of this? – Fridge temperatures as soon as you start work. Hot holding food temps every 2 hours

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