Stepping into Management Assessor Cards

IKL 22: Assessment Card: Safety & Security in the Lodge

Assessors Brief

Before assessing your learner, please ensure you have the full knowledge, skills and capabilities that are required by your learner. You will assess your learner by observing him/her completing the following task:

Safety & security in the Lodge

Assessment Criteria

The learner must demonstrate the following whilst completing the task:



Follow the Lost Property procedure correctly Practice key security at all times Check ID of any contractors or visitors to the Lodge

Lock storage rooms and cupboards Follow the fire evacuation procedures

Whilst the learner completes the task, please ask the following questions to check knowledge:


Q.1. Why is it vital that all mag locks are in full working order at all times? To ensure no intruders can enter the Lodge.

Q2. Why must all storage cupboards in a Lodge be locked outside of housekeeping hours? To prevent theft and intruders from hiding in them.

Q3. Why is it essential that we check ID of visitors accessing our rooms? To prevent any unauthorised persons entering our rooms and to ensure the safety of our Guests and their belonging.

Assessment Sign Off – Completed by Assessor, Learner and Validator

Assessment Complete

Assessor Sign Off

Learner Sign Off

Validation Sign Off


Date Sign

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