914191--DALÍ--La Petite Chouette, 1968

Salvador Dalí

La Petite Chouette, 1968

This image of an owl is untypical of the surrealist works for which Dalí is known but shows a scratchy drypoint technique that appears in his late print work. Dalí describes how he would often picture friends and acquaintances with an owl perched on their heads, and be overcome with uncontrollable bouts of laughter. "Another example, among innumerable ones of this kind, was that of imagining certain people I knew with a little owl perched on their heads... This owl was carved, and I had imagined it to the minutest detail... Then I would remove it from this head and try it on another one. And suddenly I would find the head, the exact expression of the face to go with my owl. And once it was in place I would contemplate the hilarious, infinite and instantaneous relationship which established itself magically between the face of the person I knew, who was completely unaware of what I had just put on his head, and the fixed stare of the owl..., and which provoked me to such spasmodic explosions of laughter..." Dalí, Salvador, and Haakon Chevalier. The Secret Life of Salvador Dali. London: Vision, 1942. p 223-224.

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