Flyer Sept 2015 BASA Regionals

Join us for a BASA Regional Meeting in September 2015


September 2015

Complete registration form(s) and mail to: BASA, 8050 N. High St., Suite 150, Columbus, OH 43235; Fax to (614) 846-4081; or Register on-line at

Full Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Title: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Organization/School District________________________________________________________________


Phone: _________-_________-__________ Fax: _________-_________-__________

Email: ________________________________________________

Note: There is no fee for these meetings.

□ September 3, 2015

The ESC Conference Center, Independence, OH

□ September 8, 2015

BGSU-Levis Commons, Bowling Green, OH

□ September 9, 2015

Logan Hocking High School, Logan, OH

□ September 11, 2015 BASA, Columbus, OH □ September 18, 2015 Montgomery County ESC, Dayton, OH

Cancellations If you are unable to attend a meeting and you have already sent in a registration form, please email Kathryn Williams at to cancel your reservation. s Additional Information Participants in BASA workshops will receive a certificate of completion. Participants should discuss the outcomes of their experience with their Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC).

Questions? For additional information, contact BASA at 614-846-4080.

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