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Leaving the field victorious! Pictured from left to right: Cody Carlson, Ryan Menard, Brad Casanova, Josh Dapoz, Bryce Broden, Caleb Tinkey, and Justin Bal.

The Norway Knights Lift the trophy!

The Norway Knights football team just keeps rolling along. On Saturday, November 4, 2016 they defeated Lake Linden-Hubbell 40-16. The district trophy was Norway’s first in several years. The Knights made a statement by defeating a good Lake Linden team. Norway racked up 443 yards, compared to Lake Linden’s 193 yards. 281 of those yards came from Bryce Broden on

the ground in 22 carries. But it wasn’t all offense- Norway’s defense stepped up and held Lake Linden to zero points in the second half. While the weather was unseasonably warm, it actually seemed to give Norway an advantage as they were able to substitute much more freely than Lake Linden-Hubbell who only listed 17 players on their roster all season. Lake linden-hubbell wasn’t without their own highlights-on the opening kickoff, senior Brendan Middleton ran it back for a touchdown, leaving a lot of the Norway faithful wondering what just happened. But as impressive as that was, the Knights didn’t let it bother them. On their ensuing possession, Broden took the ball and ran it all the way for a 69 yard touchdown. While the teams traded a couple of scores, Norway started to take control late in the first half. The third quarter saw another mistake by Norway-a fumble that Lake Linden-Hubbell recovered, but once again there was no need to worry-Norway’s defense stepped up again and Norway got the ball back on downs. From there it was all Norway’s game. Next up for Norway will be The St. Ignace Saints at St. Ignace at noon CST on Saturday. When you have a lot to smile about. Pictured from left to right: Micah Wilson, Connor Ortman, Josh Boulden. and Josh Plante The scoreboard says it all.


The Jets struggled to score on 2 point conver- sions which could have been fatal had they not outlasted the Trojans Half-time score was 46-30. With just 42 seconds left in the half, Whitens passed to Marcus Krachinski who ran it in for the TD. All this, just seconds after the Trojans were driving down the field. Everything changed when Whitens was able to recover a fumble on the Jets 38. At one point in the game, the Trojans attempted an onside kick which Junior, Lucas Dombrowski recovered. Jason Whitens scored with a 25 yard run down the field's left side.

Late in the game, Bobby Kleiman saw an oppor- tunity and instead of the punt as the planned play, faked the punt and passed to Whitens. The Jets then had a fresh opportunity with a new set of downs and CFFP out of time-outs. With both the Jets Jason Whitens and CFFP Dan Nocerini chosen as co- "Players of the Year", fans knew they were in for a challenge, whether a Jets or Trojans fan! In the end, it came down to stamina and numbers. Nocerini, fatigued, was backed up by some good plays as Bortolini stepped up and had a couple great plays, just not enough to stop the Jets. It was a tough battle for both teams with a final score 60-50. The Jets (11-0) will host Pickford (10-1) at home on Friday at 6:00 p.m. CST. Bobby Kleiman races with the ball The Norway Current/Menominee County News Dori Carlson

The Norway Current/Menominee County News Dori Carlson

The Jets celebrate one more trophy!

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November 9, 2016


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