Ricky Recorder Issue No 44

The Ricky Recorder Issue 44: May 2017

Students have often said to me they do not have enough space to sit down at break and lunch time, so this area will also include an indoor social area they can use. The drama foyer will have ‘Stadium steps’ in which students can sit in the decent surroundings they deserve. Phase 3 of the project will be the Library moving down to the current Sixth Form area to make a Resources area for all students at School. We will be having an evening in which we will invite parents in to see the detailed plans of the expansion. A number of parents have contacted me in regard to Science teaching. Like many schools we have experienced some staffing difficulties, but I want to let you know what we are doing. 1. We have worked very hard on recruitment and we are now fully staffed with specialists for September. We are fortunate in this regard as many schools are not fully staffed or dependent upon supply agency staff. This will enhance the quality of teaching and learning, but also enable us to resume a more comprehensive programme of enrichment activities for students. 2. Currently all students have rescheduled timetables for Science to ensure they have an established member of staff teaching them. I would like to thank the Science staff for providing these additional lessons. 3. To promote Key Stage 3’s confidence and enjoyment of Science we are hosting the acclaimed Medical Mavericks who will be running workshops in School in July. Scientists

Welcome to our summer newsletter.

As you are aware the public examination season is well underway and we wish all students well and every success during this period. I am in a position where I can provide additional information about the School expansion. Previously I outlined the design for our new reception. I am delighted that Three Rivers District Council have approved the plans and we are going out to tender for construction. This is Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 of the expansion is to the old Gym block. If you see the external design of the block below you will notice the plan to raise the elevation for another floor to two storeys, the height of the Gym. This old gym will be converted into two drama studios and a large performance area for the School and use by the local community, which will enhance our reputation as a Performing Arts specialist school. We are also totally refurbishing the Music block this summer, with remodelled teaching rooms, new practise rooms and storage for instruments. The redeveloped Gym block will also house the new Sixth Form suite, with a new quiet study room and a discussion room. There will be a separate canteen servery and seating area exclusively for the Sixth Form. Downstairs will be a new Film Studies suite with a separate classroom and cinema area. The rest of the block will be dedicated to English teaching. At the request of students and parents the new block will include a new block of boys’ and girls’ toilets with floor-to- ceiling height cubicle doors such as you would find in a modern shopping centre.

Mr Douglas, Headteacher

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