The Accessory Dream Guide Issue 2

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TRANSFORM YOUR NEXT CAMPING ADVENTURE Roof Top Tents, commonly referred to as a “RTT”, are becoming increasingly popular for cars, trucks and SUVs. More than just a cool looking accessory mounted to your roof rack, truck bed rack or adventure trailer, a RTT is sure to transform your next camping adventure. Some of the benefits are: SET-UP sleet and snow (if you’re daring enough to go winter camping!). You also won’t need to worry about bailing water from the tent floor, should heavy rainfall interrupt your camping experience. FREE UP CARGO SPACE

Having your RTT stored outside of the vehicle means you no longer need to take up valuable cargo space inside. Sleeping bags, pajamas and even thin pillows can stay inside your folded-up RTT. Check out our selection of RTTs from Tepui Rents, ARB and Smittybilt and start planning your next adventure today!

When you use a RTT on your next camp- ing adventure, you can say good-bye to the challenges of setting up a traditional ground tent. There’s no need to hammer tent pegs into the ground (if you haven’t lost them already) or worry about the challenges of setting up camp in the dark or in inclement weather. Simply level out your vehicle as much as possible, remove the cover, open the tent, extend the ladder and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep!

COMFORT Each RTT has a built-in mattress on the floor and is typically constructed of thicker and more insulated materials than a ground tent, which provides a more comfortable sleeping setup. Large side windows and roof skylights also make temperature control easy and condensation build-up a thing of the past. SECURITY Besides the cool factor of feeling like you’re sleeping in a tree fort, RTTs keep you off the ground and away from the curiosity of critters and from bigger animals who may want to visit you in the night. WEATHER The durable and insulated materials used in most RTTs help to keep the elements out, while side window and entrance overhangs protect you further from rain,

Written by our expert Steve Hagopian


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