The Accessory Dream Guide Issue 2

bednet® original The ground-breaking design of The Bednet® Cargo Restraint System allows your crew to quickly and safely secure most loads in pickups, utility body vehicles, vans and trailers.

Add carabiners for optional attachment in truck bodies or to accommodate small spaces.

bednet® interior cargo restraint with mesh This premium net keeps cargo safely in the back seat so drivers can concentrate on driving. This product provides painless installation into the seat posts at the bottom and seatbelt at the top. This restraint features a

mesh underlay to keep even the smallest items contained. A carry case, two carabiners and two cam straps are inclu

bednet® cargo utility net The Bednet® Cargo Utility Net is a great solution for trailers and other restraint applications. Multiple attachment points allow the net to conform to most loads. Tie downs not included.

bednet® compact utility net The Bednet® Compact Utility Net quickly and effectively secures your gear on thefront or rear rack of ATVs and UTVs. It conforms to the load using movable shock cord attachments which keep cargo snug.






BN-0101 BN-0102 BN-0103 BN-0108 BN-0272 BN-0275 BN-0304 BN-0402 BN-0417 BN-0426 BN-0427

Bednet® Original - Large (Full-Size Long Bed) Bednet® Original - Medium (Full-Size Short Bed)

7.2 lbs. 6.3 lbs.

63 in.

85 in. 65 in.

64.5 in.

Bednet® Original - Small (Compact) Bednet® Original - Jumbo Long Bednet® Cargo Utility Net (6'x7') Bednet® Cargo Utility Net (7'x14')

6 lbs. 8 lbs. 5 lbs. 9 lbs.

56 in. 54 in. 72 in. 82 in. 39 in. 33 in. 33 in. 48 in. 37 in.

64.5 in. 124 in. 84 in. 168 in. 60 in. 24 in. 24 in. 36 in. 28 in.

Bednet® Interior Cargo Restraint with Mesh

4.75 lbs. 1.4 lbs. 3.2 lbs. 3.8 lbs. 3.05 lbs.

Bednet® Compact Utility Net

Bednet® Compact Utility Pro (Commercial UTV Net)

Bednet® Original Mini (36” x 48”) Bednet® Original Mini (28” x 37”)

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