Ann Malik Oman



Ann Oman lives in Summerville, S.C. She was born and spent her developmental years in Monroe, MI. Her parents were a large part of her life, teaching her the importance of Christianity and attending Catholic schools through High School. She was a good student in College and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Library Science and Information Technology. Oman was able to work for an exhibit house in Dearborn, MI and also a Telecommunications Company prior to tragic 9/11 event and chose to move to S.C. because their son, Eric, lived there. Eventually, her daughter also moved to S.C. after coming home from the war in Iraq. Oman decided to write the Miracles from Prayers: Conversations with God because when she contracted two terminal cancers, She said that God had asked her in a dream to write a book about her praying and the miracles that have come about from those prayers. Journaling her medical and health experiences, she felt the pride of the finished book since it offers inspiration and motivation to those people who are going through life’s crisis and need to learn coping strategies and prayers to uplift them and get them down a better path.

Ann Oman is interested to hear from readers or interested individuals. Feel free to contact her via her email:

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