Ann Malik Oman

ere it not for my husband and his excellent care- giving abilities I would not have been able to keep my promise to God to write this book during my medical crisis. He was always there to get me what I needed when I could not get out of my chair in the living room and Mother-in-law suite as well as get out of bed. I knew God was asking a great deal of me because he knew how long this journey would last and I had not a clue. With the exception that I was either going to be dead in eighteen months or was going to survive because of prayer, anointing, and attendance at mass. I ama Christian and I believe in the Trinity and the ability for God to get you through anything you pray to himand ask him for. I have a strong devotion to the Holy Spirit basically because I was so touched by the Holy Spirit during my confirmation that I never lost my devotion to him, I knew he would answer my prayers. I was also constantly reinforced by positive actions that my body was exhibiting to my doctors, nurses, Jon and myself. God knows what he is doing, I never had a doubt that he would be near to me and help me when I was in severe pain and had debilitating headaches. Do you want to live and be filled with joy daily because God is present in your life? Do you realize that earthly angels exist and are all around you? They want to talk to you but you must give them a chance with your heart and soul. Miracles happen every day, learn how to recognize them. Often your doctor will come right out and tell you that you are a walking miracle, and yes you really are. It is all out there for you to experience and share with your loved ones. We all need positive reinforcement on a daily basis. Saying your prayers during the day or night is not the only way to pray.

Thinking of others who are suffering through sad events in their lives is someone you should also be praying for. Prayer is a gift, a treasure God gives us so that we can not only help ourselves but share our thoughts and prayers with those who are suffering too, perhaps just like you are. Writing this book was a very intimate experience and was difficult at times to reveal all of the facts. But I must say I feel an extreme sense of fulfillment because I did as God asked of me and I think I did it well. How much better can it get? I love my heavenly Father and there is nothing more precious to me in this world than that love. To please Him with my book is a joy to my heart and soul. Thank you, God, for giving this gift to write about the Joy in my life I finally attained.



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