Couristan Residential Carpet Warranty Booklet

unusually sensitive to odors or allergy-prone, you may want to avoid the installation area during this period. If you have any questions about this, contact your Authorized Couristan Dealer. In the months following installation, you may notice these characteristics: SHEDDING The shedding of loose fibers is normal and should subside with regular vacuuming. SPROUTING If a single tuft extends beyond the carpet’s surface, simply clip it off. Do not pull it out. SHADING Shading (also known as pile reversal) is a common characteristic of fine, cut-pile carpets. Household traffic causes the pile to assume different angles. As a result, the carpet appears darker or lighter in such areas. Frequent and thorough vacuuming will help this condition. RECOMMENDED PADDING REQUIREMENTS The padding under your carpet is one of its most important components. Padding is sold by its thickness and density. A pad that is too soft will adversely affect the performance of the carpet. A pad that is too thick interferes with the anchoring of the carpet. In order to qualify for Couristan’s repair or replacement warranty you must use a pad within the recommended specifications. For residential installation we recommend a padding of no more than 7/16 inch thick. Residential cut-pile, cut and loop, or high-level loop carpet requires a resilient, firm cushion with a thickness of 7/16 inch or less. In berber carpets, or thinner loop or cut-pile carpets, a thicker, softer cushion is not acceptable. Therefore, cushion thickness should not exceed 3/8 inch.


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