CPIF Quarterly Fund Manager's Report Sept 2018

CPIF | Quarterly Fund Manager’s Report September 2018

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Richard Mason CPIF Fund Manager, Charter Hall +61 411 221 199 | richard.mason@charterhall.com.au Phong Thai Assistant Fund Manager, Charter Hall +61 437 713 425 | phong.thai@charterhall.com.au Kivanch Mehmet Head of Wholesale Investor Relations, Charter Hall +61 429 362 079 | kivanch.mehmet@charterhall.com.au Richard Stacker Industrial CEO, Charter Hall +61 402 447 751 | richard.stacker@charterhall.com.au

Disclaimer. This performance report has been prepared and issued by Charter Hall Investment Management Limited (‘Responsible Entity’ or ‘Trustee’ or ‘CHIML’) in respect to an investment in the Charter Hall Prime Industrial Fund (‘Fund’ or ‘CPIF’). The information contained in this performance report has been compiled to assist the recipient in making its own independent evaluation of an investment in the Fund and does not relate to, and is not relevant for, any other purpose. An investment in the Fund involves a degree of risk. Each recipient shall be considered to have read and understood the section titled ‘Risks’ in the Information Memorandum and to have satisfied itself fully as to the acceptability or otherwise of the risks outlined in that section and any other risks relevant to an investment in units in the Fund. This performance report is not intended to be and does not constitute an offer or a recommendation to acquire any units in the Fund. It is not an offer or invitation in relation to the investment in units of the Fund in any place in which, or to any person to whom, it would be unlawful to make such an offer or invitation. This performance report, the information in it, and any information, representation supplied or made in connection with the Fund will not form the basis of any contract. Investments in the Fund can only be made by completing the application form for the Fund within the Fund’s Information Memorandum. The receipt of this performance report by any person and any information contained herein or subsequently communicated to any person in connection with the Fund is not to be taken as constituting the giving of investment, legal, or tax advice by the Charter Hall Group (‘Charter Hall’), the Trustee, their related bodies corporate, their directors or employees to any such person. Each recipient should consult their own counsel, accountant, and other advisers as to legal, tax, business, financial and other considerations prior to making an application for units in this Fund. Neither Charter Hall, the Trustee, their related bodies corporate, directors, employees nor any other person who may be taken to have been involved in the preparation of this performance report represents or warrants that the information contained in this performance report, provided either orally or in writing to a recipient in the course of its evaluation of the Fund or the matters contained in this performance report, is accurate or complete. Historical performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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