Management & Leadership Training - July 2016


Management Training Catalog for the Hunt Family of Companies


How to Use this Catalog

“Core Values are at the

This catalog is designed to help managers find the right development resources quickly. It is organized by topics that are most managers find critical to their success. Begin by flipping the page to see the Table of Content. Most resources are hyperlinked directly to a registration or download page. The Blended Learning Approach This catalog contains more than just classroom or online training. It offers a blend of training media and experiences to help you success- fully develop management skills while using your time more effectively. Updated Often Check back to the catalog often. There will be additional Instructor-Led class sessions added regularly, as well as new online training courses, whitepapers, books and discussion groups.

heart of all the Hunt

Companies. Each man-

agement training experi-

ence offered has been

carefully selected to re-

inforce these essential

elements of our culture

and our success.”

- Hunter Hunt

LATEST UPDATE: Sept 13, 2016

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