SR2C 4-19.5MHz Shortwave Radio Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. SR2C

 Enjoy hours of fascinating international listening using just a simple indoor wire antenna  Select portions of the 4 to 19.5 MHz shortwave band, easily re-tuned at any time  Smooth varactor diode tuning  Excellent sensitivity and selectivity  Front panel Volume and Tuning controls  Multi-stage audio amplifier for room filling volume  Well designed superhetrodyne circuit is easy to build, makes a nice one-evening project  Ideal scout, school, or club project  Clear, concise step-by-step instructions carefully guide you to a finished kit that not only works - but you’ll also learn too!  Runs on a standard 9 volt battery  Includes our matching case and knob set for a finished ‘pro’ look Have you ever wanted to get into the fascinating world of radio? The Ramsey SR2 is a fine performer that will bring in the world using just a few feet of wire as an antenna! Folks of all ages have successfully built and enjoyed this easy and fun kit. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

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