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10 1. Getting the Most out of the Book

emphasis of Chapter 12. Four additional cases with questions give students a chance to engage in critical thinking.

Part III: Method of Practice andWhere We Work

The last two chapters in the book prepare students for what is ahead if they choose social work as a career. Students in social work will likely take courses that focus on research in practice, human behavior theory and develop- ment, the role of policy in practice, the contexts of practice, and specific practices with different populations. Students also may take specific courses focusing on advancing human rights, on advocating for social justice, or on diversity in practice. These and other courses will continue to help students develop their professional identities ( why we do ) while emphasizing the methods of social work ( what we do ). Chapter 13 provides students with an initial look at the generalist practice method, the foundation of social work practice. We introduce students to the core operational practice behaviors of engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. We emphasize ap- plication of the generalist method at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice. The chapter includes the last four cases in the book. The last chapter encourages students to think about what they could be doing someday as competent social workers. Chapter 14 briefly describes different fields of practice. We then describe a framework of factors that will help students understand where social workers practice. Pursuing a career in social work is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. We believe it is important for students to kindle their passion to serve others as they en- gage in the rigorous coursework ahead of them. Our hope is that students will allow themselves to envision working with different populations, in various fields and settings, making a difference in the lives of the people they serve.


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