VLT0.6614 Body Sculpt Lotion


SKIN TYPE(S): All, Dry PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Beige, Light Suspension Lotion PRODUCT SUMMARY: “Nature-Based Body Sculpting” introduces a new era of adipose management for cellulite, fat fading, saggy skin toning, as well as topical lipo-filling for loss of youthful, beneficial fat. Our advanced biotech ingredients are built for success via year-round (365 days), long-term restoration and prevention body maintenance…obsoleting the quick-fix, unrealistic pre-swimsuit season products of the past. Body Sculpt Lotion actively works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone and sculpt areas that desire a smoother and firmer appearance in the short-term as well as prolonged preventive care. What does your current body lotion do for you? Moisturize ? Just as we moved away from flip-phone technology to smart-phone technology, it’s time for everyone to move away from using archaic ingredients found in body lotions that simply moisturize and move to the new high-performing, multi-functional anti-age technology that is only available in Body Sculpt Lotion . NOTE: Information listed below is extrapolated from ingredient data and is used solely to showcase the potential of a finished product. Claims and finished product results are not necessarily reviewed for compliance in regards to Cosmetics and/or OTC Labeling regulations (21 CFR Part 701 and 21 CFR Part 201). Registered trademarks are owned by vendor brands and shall not be used without their written permission. All information is to be kept confidential amongst CoValence and their clients, and shall not be shared to others without CoValence’s permission. A marketing and label review by CoValence is recommended for all clients to help ensure claims are in compliance with applicable labeling guidance. CoValence will do its best to ensure all marketing and labeling complies to pertinent regulations, but the ultimate responsibility of marketing and labeling will be held by the client.

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