TFH Export 2021

Welcome to our 2021 catalogue!

Adults often forget that play is powerful, but it is the most encouraging force known to children.

Great customer service makes all the difference.

It is through play that children push themselves, demonstrate abilities and achieve goals. Therefore no one young or old should be prevented from playing. TFH have been overcoming obstacles to play for 35 years: we curate a catalogue that is translated into 8 languages, our partners distribute in 13 countries and the special needs toys we manufacture are sold in over 100 countries. Please enjoy our catalogue, its design is aimed at guiding you to the right toy. Everyone is different, but many goals and difficulties are shared, we use those to group our range.

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TACTILE Light Chew Heavy Chew Tactile Hands Plush Touch & Feel Tactile Discrimination Sand & Water Tactile Feet Tactile Panels

PROPRIOCEPTION Massage Vibration Squeeze Weighted Variable Force Squash


Noisy Toys Big Noise Noise Making Percussion Bells Resonance

Mirrors Reflections Eye Candy Spin Movement UV Toys Projectors Gentle Disco Light Panel Illumination

3 - 22

23 - 32

33 - 48

49 - 60

109 - 144

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