ARIZONA RETIREMENTS n Lieutenant Rolf Averill , NA Session 246, retired on June 7 after 32 years of service to the University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD). Rolf has been a great supporter of our Chapter and we wish him well with his retirement. n Ron Wheeler , NA Session 232, Past Chapter President and recent Police Chief for Sedona Police Department has retired AGAIN! We will see if this one sticks. Congratulations, Ron. n Captain John Burks , NA Session 251, was promoted to Chief of Po- lice for the Brea Police Department on May 5th, 2019. Many congratu- lations John. PASSINGS n It is with a heavy heart we announce that Edgar Fernando Fritz , NA Session 166, passed away on April 14th, 2019. Edgar was a California Chapter member, and the founder President of the Mexico Group. ILLINOIS PROMOTIONS n Adam Truman , NA Session 251, was promoted to Chief of Police of the South Beloit Police Department on April 29, 2019. KANSAS/WESTERN MISSOURI RETIREMENTS n Undersheriff Phil Blume , NA Session 244, and retired on July 1, 2019 with 30 years of service. Phil has served with the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office during his entire career and accomplished many things. n Deputy Chief Tyrone Garner , NA Session 234, retired on June 19, 2019 with 22 years of service with the Kansas City, KS Police Depart- ment. Tyrone spent his entire career with KCKPD and worked his way up through the ranks, including his start as a cadet, and serving as the interim Assistant Chief before being promoted to Deputy Chief. Thank you for all of your service to the KCK community...we wish you the best! CHAPTER CHAT The intent of this column is to announce Promotions, Retirements and Deaths for the Chapters. Please find expanded Chapter Chat on our web- site www.fbinaa.org under the current Associate Magazine issue to stay up-to-date on what's happening in our 48 Chapters. Submit chapter news on the Chapter Chat Submission Form by the 1st of every even month. Please attach to the email high-resolution digital .jpg or .tif photos to: Susan Naragon | snaragon@fbinaa.org. With speech recognition technology, like Dragon Law En- forcement , officers have an alternative method to typing reports. This technology allows officers to use a microphone connected to a TOUGHBOOK device to input data, creating an environment that bolsters situational awareness. Now, time that would previously be spent reporting is freed up to focus on community safety. Voice-to-text technology is also extremely beneficial for law enforcement because they are able to quickly relay messages while on the go without compromising safety. This technology stream- lines workflows, increases productivity, and ultimately supports safer work conditions for public safety professionals in the field. CALIFORNIA PROMOTIONS

n Lt. Tim Lowry , NA Session 270, retired on June 17, 2019 with 30 years of service with the Warrensburg, MO Police Department. Tim served his entire career with Warrensburg PD and will be the Direc- tor of the University of Central Missouri Police Academy upon retirement. Congrats and good luck heading up the Police Academy! n Chief Rob McClarty , NA Session 261, retired on June 25, 2019 with nearly 32 total years of service as an officer in Kansas. n Major Curtis Nicholson , NA Session 244, retired on June 19, 2019 with 30 years of service. Curt worked one year with the Wyandotte County, KS Sheriff’s Office before joining the Kansas City, KS Police Department for the past 29 years. Thank you for your many years of service and we wish you the best in your retirement! MICHIGAN PROMOTIONS n Phil Langmeyer , NA Session 252, was promoted to Chief of Police for the Bloomfield Township Police Department in Michigan, effective June 13, 2019. Phil has served the Bloomfield Township Police Depart- ment for 27 years. RETIREMENTS n Scott McCanham , NA Session 240, will retire as Chief of Police for the Bloomfield Township Police Department in Michigan, on June 13, 2019. Chief McCanham has served Bloomfield Township for 31 years. NEW YORK/EASTERN CANADA RETIREMENTS n Gregory Veitch , NA Session 235, Saratoga Springs Chief of Police, has retired after a 25-year distinguished law enforcement career. NORTHWEST PROMOTIONS n Tanya Schwartz , NA Session 264, has been promoted to police chief in Burnsville, MN, the city where she first started as a cadet in 1995 and progressed through the ranks as an officer, sergeant, and captain. Tanya, who holds a master’s degree in public safety adminis- tration, has overseen several divisions in the department and served on a variety of advisory boards within Dakota County. RETIREMENTS n Manila “Bud” Shaver , NA Session 210, is retiring after 37 years in law enforcement. Bud started his career in Wisconsin, but has been with the West St. Paul, MN Police Department more than 30 years, working his way through the ranks, serving as officer (including as one of Minnesota’s first DARE instructors), sergeant, deputy chief, and for the past 15 years, police chief. MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Deployment of mobile technology throughout an entire public safety agency is necessary for the digital world we live in. Law enforcement officers work in many environments and have a vital need for portable computing solutions. Rugged solutions can dock inside a vehicle, and be removed, therefore enhancing productivity and increasing flexibility in an ever-changing environment. With mobile technology, public safety officials can gain real-time access to data from throughout the organization and spend less time manually transmitting data from one source to another. This gives law enforcement access to data in the field that would have previously only been available sitting at a desk. This stream- lined workflow saves agencies critical time and money.

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