George Delgado, FBINAA Foundation Board

A s a proud member of your FBINAA Charitable Foundation Executive Board , I’ve been blessed with being part of a team that has had a positive impact on the lives of our members in times of crisis and need. Your Foundation exists to help our members and their families in areas of charity, education, and science. WE ARE CHARITABLE The charitable purpose of our foundation is to provide for association members and their families who are in unusually dire circumstances, due to calamity, debilitating hardships or illnesses, natural disaster, or other terrible circumstances to include a member’s on-duty death or serious injury and to the members and family members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations. WE ARE EDUCATIONAL The educational purpose of our Foundation is to offer schol- arships for educational and professional development opportu- nities to members of the association and/or their children and grandchildren and to members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations and their children. WE ARE SCIENTIFIC The initial scientific purpose of our Foundation is to estab- lish a Law Enforcement\Criminal Justice Science and Innovation Award to annually recognize an individual or organization that has made the most significant overall contribution to the profes- sion through the introduction of a new or significantly improved law enforcement\criminal justice product, technology, process or technique. WE NEED YOU TO BE AN AMBASSADOR As your board reflects on the foundation’s mission moving into the future, we recognize more than ever that we need you, our members, to be ambassadors for the foundation. We need you to help us maximize our reach and impact on the lives of our members and their families. As a member of the Washing- ton Chapter, I’ve benefited significantly from the partnerships, friendships, and training opportunities offered by the National If you’re preparing for the National Academy or just getting back into regular physical training, start by focusing on the squats, lunges, and step-ups individually. Begin with 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each movement, keeping the repetition speed fast and a 1:1 rest-to-work ratio. Train your legs twice per week, and each week add 2 repetitions until you reach sets of 20. After 4-6 weeks, start with the ½-circuit of 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 step-ups and 5 squat jumps in under 45 seconds. Perform three rounds with 1:1 work-to-rest ratios, and gradually add repetitions working towards the full FLT.

Academy Associates. The greatest impact the foundation can have is at the chapter level. As we network with each other, let’s remember the importance of being prepared to answer the call to a member in need, quite possibly a member within our own chapter, or an NA classmate. There is no greater feeling than helping a fellow member through a personal crisis. By having the local chapters embrace the mission of the foundation, we increase its effectiveness. If local chapters would assign a member-at-large to liaison with the foundation, and to promote its work, we begin to establish ownership of the founda- tion at the chapter level. It’s important to remember that the foundation not only represents every NA graduate, their family members, and FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associa- tions, the foundation belongs to each one of you. Let’s begin by embracing the foundation’s mission at the chapter level so that we can respond more effectively to the FBINAA Charitable Foundation’s mission. Embrace the ambassador spirit. By doing so we will serve each other more effectively, and quite possibly increase member involvement in the greatest law enforcement family in the world.

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