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E verybody is aware of the Navy SEALs and other special forces operating in such dangerous places as Somalia, Afghanistan, Niger, etc. Few people know that courageous indi - viduals who once were patrolling their beats in America are now risking their lives to restore peace and safety in these places. What can be said for U.S. law enforcement officers can also be said for police officers worldwide, especially in the Western world and in Europe. There are many reasons why police officers leave their usual workplaces to police abroad. A NEW WORLD ORDER WHERE POLICE MATTER AS MUCH AS MILITARY Large armies deploying warplanes and tanks will continue to exist worldwide. Nevertheless, the picture of the AK 47-car - rying jihadist riding a motorbike and moving from one village to the other while terrorizing villagers is now a common image of modern warfare. What is needed today is not just to protect these villagers’ communities but to help these same communi -

Most police officers work in or near their hometowns for the benefit of their communities. But many places worldwide where people are missing such benefits, and they need international police officers to (re)build their policing systems and police organizations to provide citizens with a safe environment. In return, this would help to tackle external criminal threats that impact us at home.

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