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Video Production Services Property Videos

Specialist Floorplan Surveys Floorplan Redraw (Standard)

From £350

£35* £70*

Property Video Tours

From £65

Floorplan Redraw (Scaled)

Local Area Videos

From £500

Scaled Floorplan - Residential Scaled Floorplan - Commercial

£125* £195*

Corporate Promotional Videos

Price on Request

Full Measured Survey Plans

£950 £195

Site Plans - Residential

Land Registry Plans Residential Lease Plans Commercial Lease Plans

Site Plans - Commercial Boundary Dispute Plans

From £295 From £295

£195** £295** £195** £295**

Property Elevations

Price on Request

Residential Title Plans

Commercial Title Plans

Floorplans above 2000 sq ft *Floorplan prices are up to 2000 sq. ft. Additional sq. ft is charged at 5p per sq. ft. *Floorplan Redraw prices are up to 2000 sq. ft. Additional sq. ft is charged at 2.5p per sq. ft.

All prices are ex VAT

Lease Plans above 1000 sq ft **Lease Plan prices are up to 1000 sq. ft. Additional sq. ft is charged at 7p per sq. ft.

Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) Internal CGIs

Note: Please note that all the above prices are a guide and can vary depending on specific requirements, complexity of the property and location.

From £650 From £650 From £150 From £350

External CGIs 3D Floorplan CGI Floorplan

Corporate Marketing & Branding Services

Corporate Rebrands Logo Design Corporate Brochures Print & Online Advertising Direct Marketing & Canvasses

Hoarding Design Corporate Video Production Company Stationery Bespoke Maps Billboard Design

CGI Virtual Walkthroughs

Price on Request

Bespoke Photography Half Day Photoshoots (40 Images) £300 Full Day Photoshoots (80 Images) £550 Night Photography

From £150

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