In addition, I was also producing shows for other people on the station that meant that I had to focus on the technical side of shows. Again, I was in charge of ensuring that their shows ran smoothly and running around for them where necessary. This, therefore, allowed me to take a step back from the actual presenting aspect of the show and focus on my skills as a producer. All in all, radio is something that I have been passionate about for a very long time and having the summer to dedicate even more time to it has been a true blessing. I have been doing radio for a while now and though it has been a long and enduring process, I cannot deny that I have loved every moment of it! One thing that I have come to see is that there is always something new to learn; something that I am sure is applicable in any career or sector. My time at Westside FM, has not been a time for tea-making or administrative work, but rather a time where I was completely immersed in the job. Any job in broadcast journalism is highly competitive and experience is paramount. However, I cannot deny that I was particularly worried about having the funds to ensure that I could get to radio during the week, as transport in London is relatively pricey. Therefore, I am very grateful to Careers Service for the Media Bursary and for allowing me to spend my summer doing what I love. I would suggest to anyone that is worried about finances not to be shy and apply for a Media Bursary! They are there to help you by ensuring that you reach your full potential regardless of financial situation, so don’t miss out on an opportunity that could aid your career success because of a lack of finances. Please feel free to listen back to some of my shows via my Soundcloud: tee/tracks I will also be putting a video on my YouTube channel: showing me at radio as I conduct my own show and as three special guests join me. Keep an eye out to see what a show with ‘Nissy Tee’ is really like! And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button too!


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