FL Winter 2018 Newsletter

To request a proposal for any of our services Email us at info@thefalcongroup.us or visit us at www.thefalcongroup.us http://www.thefalcongroup.us/proposal.html

Find out more by contacting our office for specific information or a proposal for any engineering, architectural, energy consultant, forensic or drone service need. We are happy to meet with your board to discuss your project. Thank you for your continued confidence in our firm. Discover our projects, capabilities and team achievements online at www.thefalcongroup.us or contact us by email at info@thefalcongroup.us.

MISSION STATEMENT To be the leader in the industry by providing professional, cost-effective and innovative architectural and engineering designs, solutions and services through the use of highly- qualified staff and outstanding customer service.

FL Board of Architecture COA#AA26002901 FL Board of Professional Engineers COA#30510

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