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Easy Change Reversible Carbide Blade

EasyClean ® Pressure Plate Design

Stainless Steel Body

Hardened Steel Skid Plate provides smooth operation and best protection

TapeTech Nail Spotters quickly and efficiently fill depressions left from the heads of your drywall fasteners, whether you use nails or screws. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, the Nail Spotter is easy to use and extremely durable. A thumb latch and EasyClean ® design make access to the body and tool cleaning simple. The blade removes any excess joint compound, leaving the depressions filled for a smooth wall finish. The Nail Spotters feature a reversible carbide blade so you get double the blade life. The blade is easily changed by loosening the nuts that secure the blade holder. The industrial quality gasket provides leak-free performance. TapeTech offers Nail Spotters in two sizes, 2" and 3", to make finishing drywall easy. Nail Spotters require either the XHTT extension handle or the FHTT fiberglass handle, each sold separately.

NS02TT - 2" Nail Spotter

NS03TT - 3" Nail Spotter

COMMON WEAR PARTS 630015 - 2" Wiper 600005F - 2" Nail Spotter Blade - Carbide 680015 - 3" Wiper 650005F - 3" Nail Spotter Blade - Carbide


43" to 76¼"



SKID PLATE Provides the best protection for the carbide blade against protruding nail or screw heads.

Nail Spotters



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