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Patented Locking Clip

Stainless Steel Frames

Carbide Blades

Stainless Steel Skids

Cast Aluminum Body for light weight and long life

Patented Locking Clip secures the corner finisher to the handle

Corner Finishers are used during both the Embedding and Finishing phases to produce crisp and clean 90 degree internal corners with minimal effort. The Corner Finishers can be used for wall-to-wall internal corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. Embedding - After using the Inside Corner Roller (15TTE) to force excess joint compound from behind the paper joint tape in the internal corners, attach a Corner Finisher to a support handle (XHTT or FHTT) to wipe down the excess joint compound. This will embed the paper joint tape in compound and smooth both edges simultaneously. Finishing - Attach TapeTech Corner Finishers to the MudRunner or the Corner Applicator to apply joint compound to both sides of the internal corner simultaneously. Use wider Corner Finishers on successive coats to produce the best results. TapeTech Corner Finishers feature stainless steel frames and skids plus carbide blades for durability and long life. TapeTech Corner Finishers feature a unique, patented locking clip on the ball retainer that attaches the finisher securely to the MudRunner, Corner Applicator or support handles. This allows you to easily and confidently reach wall and ceiling corners without worrying if the Corner Finisher will detach while you are working.

40TT - 2" Corner Finisher

42TT - 2 ½" Corner Finisher

45TT - 3" Corner Finisher



502F25 - 2½" Corner Finisher Blade Change Kit 501F3A - 3" Corner Finisher Maintenance Kit 502F3 - 3" Corner Finisher Blade Change Kit

501F2A - 2" Corner Finisher Maintenance Kit 502F2 - 2" Corner Finisher Blade Change Kit 501F25A - 2½" Corner Finisher Maintenance Kit

400009F - 2" Carbide Blade 420009 - 2½" Carbide Blade 450009F - 3" Carbide Blade


43" to 76¼"

Corner Finishers



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