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Are you still finishing drywall with hand tools like drywall pans and knives? Are you unsure about moving up to Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools because of the cost or you think they are difficult to learn how to use? TapeTech Semi-Automatic tools can help ease the transition to ATF tools. They are the perfect entry level tools to instantly increase your productivity by making finishing internal corners significantly faster.

Quick-Release Pin for easy cleaning

Stainless Steel Body

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Skids for smooth operation and long life

Designed To Easily Add Rollers

TapeTech Corner Flushers make quick work of wiping or finishing inside corners. Direct flushers are used to apply joint compound to internal corners. Indirect flushers simply smooth compound that has been applied by another tool. TapeTech flushers work as both a direct or indirect flusher. That means you don’t have to decide which model to get, only which sizes fit your needs. The Corner Flushers fit all TapeTech corner tools (XHTT and FHTT handles, CA07TT and CA08TT Corner Applicators and 14TT MudRunner ® ).

CF25TT - 2 ½" Corner Flusher

CF30TT - 3" Corner Flusher

CF35TT - 3 ½" Corner Flusher

CF40TT - 4" Corner Flusher

Only TapeTech offers easy-to-install accessory kits. Easily add a creaser wheel to a flusher to set your tape into the corner and wipe it down simultaneously. Or add wheels to any flusher for smoother performance on the wall. The flexibility of the TapeTech system lets you build the tool with the features you want and change them as needed.

CFK01TT - Roller Kit

CFK02TT - Creaser Wheel Kit

Semi Automatic Tools



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