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Stainless Steel Nose Cone

Quick Release Clamps for easy cleaning

Optimized Plunger Design for smooth operation

Gold Anodized Aluminum Tube

Quick Release Clamps for easy cleaning

TapeTech Compound Tubes supply joint compound to Corner Flushers for finishing inside corners. Also attaches to TapeTech Corner Applicators (page 13) for applying corner bead to internal and external corners. Available in three sizes, the Compound Tubes disassemble for easy cleaning.

CT36TT - 36" Compound Tube

CT42TT - 42" Compound Tube

CT24TT - 24" Compound Tube

CTA01TT - Compound Tube Filler Adapter

TC01TT - Tool Caddy

Together with any size Compound Tube, is an alternative to filling finishing boxes with the loading pump. The Filler Adapter quickly attaches to TapeTech Compound Tubes by simply removing the outlet assembly, inserting the Filler Adapter and securing it with the quick-release latches.

The perfect accessory for workers who fill their finishing boxes with a compound tube instead of a loading pump. It securely holds any size finishing box in the perfect filling position, even with the handle attached. And it conveniently holds any length compound tube and filler adapter between fills.



Semi-Automatic tools are a cost-effective way to increase your productivity.


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