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MaxPower Motor The MaxPower motor is a totally-enclosed, fan-cooled design that protects the internal components from dirt, dust and joint compound. It features a powerful DC motor that never needs brushes, and Graco stands behind it with a lifetime warranty.

Endurance ™ Pump Endurance Pump features a horizontal design for easier pump loading, long life V-Max Blue ™ packings and Chromex ™ pump coating to create the most rugged and reliable pump on the market.

Taper Head New creaser wheel design for precision corners.

Max Flo ™ Design Max Flo fluid passages and large ball check valve efficiently loads thick joint compound.

Inline Handle Dual trigger controls the creaser wheel and positively stops joint compound flow with no oozing.

25 gallon hopper Includes air tight lid to preserve joint compound for next day use.

15’ whip hose Increases flexibility.

Taper Reduced weight to 7 lbs to reduce fatigue.

Flow Control The industry’s first radio frequency (RF) controlled pump controls the flow without wires right at the tool.

No-Tool Hose connection Makes a fast and secure connection.

Internal Hopper Filter Allows joint compound from the job-site to be recycled without wipe-down trash.

Z-Swivel Eliminates hose kinking.

Advantage Drive ™ System The critical link between the motor and pump, the Advantage Drive System of hardened steel gears is the longest lasting drive in the industry, and Graco stands behind it with a lifetime warranty.

Extreme-Duty Steel Frame and Flat Proof Tires Protects critical components from job-site damage. Includes integrated tool tray for convenient storage of tools and accessories.

Quick Release Pump Tool-free pump removal for easy lifting up stairs or in and out of vehicles.

Tool Wash Station Power flushes all of the job site tools.

Tool Filling Station Fills conventional taping tools even when the pump is running.



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