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11) Investments — Income from interest, dividends, premium finance, late charges, gains/losses on sales of marketable securities. 12) Miscellaneous — Income from countersignature fees, gains/losses on fixed or intangible assets, life insurance proceeds, and other income not included in one of the other revenue categories. 13) Gross Revenues — The sum of items 5, 10, 11 & 12. 14) Brokerage Commission Expense — Commissions paid to other agencies or outside brokers. Does NOT include in-house 1099 producers, who are included with “Payroll - Non-Employees - 1099 Producers / Outsourced Labor.” 15) Net Revenues — Gross Revenues less Brokerage Commission Expense. (;3(16(6 (As reported for most recently completed fiscal year-end and stated as a percentage of net revenues) Compensation Payroll: The following payroll breakdown is for the entire agency, including agency owners: 16) Employees — All expensed payroll, including salaries, commissions, bonuses, management fees, and discretionary owner compensation. Does NOT include "S" corporation distributions. 17) Non-Employees - 1099 Producers / Outsourced Labor — Commissions, bonuses for agency's producers compensated on a 1099. Also includes expense for outside temporary staffing and temp-to-perm staffing, as well as expenses for outsourced services such as Patra or ResourcePro. 18) Total Payroll — The sum of items 16 – 17. Benefits 19) Payroll Taxes — All payroll taxes (SS, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, etc.). 20) Retirement — Expenses related to a 401(k), ESOP/ESOT, pension, and other miscellaneous retirement benefits. 21) Insurance — Health insurance, medical reimbursements, life insurance, disability insurance, etc. Does NOT include Officer or Key Person life, which is included with “Administrative - Officer Life.” 22) Other – Wellness programs, employee assistance plans, health club memberships, and employee gifts, etc. 23) Total Benefits — The sum of items 19 - 22. 24) Total Compensation — The sum of items 18 & 23. Selling 25) Travel & Entertainment/Conventions — Airfare, meals, hotels, social/country club dues, convention related expenses. Does NOT include professional dues/memberships, which are included in “Operating - Dues/Subscriptions/Contributions.” 26) Automobile Expense — Lease, gas, maintenance/repair, employee parking, mileage allowances, etc. Does NOT include employee auto insurance, which are included under "Insurance" in Operating section; also exclude auto depreciation, which is included under "Depreciation" in Administrative section. 27) Advertising / Promotion — Promotional / advertising materials, target marketing services, fees paid to advertising or public relations agencies, media buys, contest rewards, customer relations functions, gifts, telemarketing, etc.

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