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74) Effective NUPP — Effective NUPP, which is the product of an agency’s investment in unvalidated producers (NUPP) and success rate in hiring producers (Producer Success Rate), is expressed as a percentage of net revenue. It is the best overall measure of an agency’s effectiveness in recruiting and developing sales talent. 75) Hiring Velocity — A gauge of an agency’s hiring rate in replenishing its existing producer population. Calculated by taking the number of unvalidated producers hired in the most recent year and divide it into the agency’s total number of producers. A healthy Hiring Velocity is typically in the 18-22% range. 76) Producer Average Compensation — The portion of a producer’s total W-2 compensation that resulted from the producer’s production responsibilities. Management and other non-sales compensation is excluded. 2:1(56+,3 $1' 67$)) ,1)250$7,21 77) WASA (Weighted Average Shareholder Age) – A Reagan Consulting metric designed to assess the relative age of an agency’s ownership team. WASA is calculated using the sum of the product of the agency’s owners’ ages and multiplying it by their ownership percentages. 78) Service Staff — Typically non-commissioned personnel who are responsible for providing service to the agency’s clients and/or supporting producers in the sale of new business and the retention of existing business.

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