2nd ICAI 2022

International Conference on Automotive Industry 2022

Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Unfortunately, the scope of this article does not allow closer analysis of the issue, according to which it is possible, for example, to make designs for reduced overload tests. Acknowledgements This research has been realized using the support of Technological Agency, the Czech Republic, programme National Competence Centres, project #TN01000026 Josef Bozek National Center of Competence for Surface Vehicles. This support is gratefully acknowledged. Disclosure statement: No potential conflict of interest was reported by the author. References [1] Brumercik, F., Lukac, M., Caban, J., Krzysiak, Z. and Glowacz, A. (2020). Comparison of Selected Parameters of a Planetary Gearbox with Involute and Convex-Concave Teeth Flank Profiles. Applied Sciences ; 10 (4):1417. https://doi. org/10.3390/app10041417 [2] Gramblička, S., Kohár, R., Majchrák, M. and Vrabec, M. (2020). Contact Analysis of Selected Toothed Contact of the Two-Stage Front Gearbox . In: Medvecký, Š., Hrček, S., Kohár, R., Brumerčík, F. and Konstantová, V. (eds) Current Methods of Construction Design. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-33146-7_30 [3] Hohn, B.-R., Oster, P. and Tobie, T. (2003). Systematic investigations on the influence of case depth on the pitting and bending strength of case carburized gears. In: DETC2003/PTG, Chicago, pp 111–119. [4] Hong, I., Teaford, Z. and Kahraman, A. (2021). A comparison of gear tooth bending fatigue lives from single tooth bending and rotating gear tests . Forsch Ingenieurwes. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10010-021-00510-w [5] Ličková, D., Halama, R. and Poruba, Z. (2016). Identification of fatigue constants by means of 3D method . Journal of Mechanical Engineering . 2016, 66 (2), 107–116. ISSN 00392472. https://doi.org/10.1515/scjme-2016-0025 [6] ČSN 01 4686, 1989. Pevnostní výpočet čelních a kuželových ozubených kol :. 1. Praha: Úřad pro normalizaci a měření. [7] Weresa, E., Seweryn, A., Szusta, J. and Rak Z. (2015). Fatigue testing of transmission gear. Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc – Maintenance and Reliability 2015; 17 (2): 207–214, http://dx.doi.org/10.17531/ein.2015.2.6.


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