White Paper | Pin & Sleeve Connectors

Some common applications that use LAPP’s pin and sleeve connectors include:

• Farming

• Steel manufacturing

• Tunnels and subways

• Chemical production factories

• Tool machine suppliers

Mechanical interlock switches. LAPP offers high-performance switched socket outlets with mechanical interlock. Designed to prevent a plug from insertion or removal into a powered receptacle, mechanical interlocked switches eliminate the possibility of dangerous arc flash. A zinc-plated steel interlocking mechanism guarantees electrical operation only when a plug is inserted into the outlet. Plug removal is blocked while power is turned on, eliminating arc-flash hazard.

LAPP’s interlocked switched- socket outlets are made of thermoset plastic and provide IP67 environmental protection. They can be mounted individually by using the integral mounting feet or as part of a multiple-unit distribution board assembly.

This receptacle comes equipped with a switch on the outside of its enclosure, so power can be turned on and off. Power can’t be turned on without inserting a plug: When the power is on, the plug mechanically locks inside the receptacle, that way it can’t be removed without turning off the switch. Fused, mechanical interlocked receptacles are also available for overload protection within the enclosure in addition to an interlocked switch. Fuse access is blocked while power is turned on, along with access to the enclosure’s inside.

EPIC ® CEE Connector IP67

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