Cheyenne OK 2017

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ON THE COVER Artwork by Mac Edward Wells Mac Edward Wells is the 13-year-old son of Judy and Roy Wells of Cheyenne, Oklahoma and is a 7th grade student attending Cheyenne Public Schools. Mac has many interests that usually revolve around his love of art, astronomy, history, Kerbal Space Program, video games, and fishing. His desire to always try his best has earned him the recognition of being an honor roll student throughout his school career. He has loved to draw since he was a small child and will often “doodle” on his school papers for his teachers. Mrs. Donna Wright is Mac’s art teacher, and with her guidance, his artistic skills have blossomed. Mac attended the Augusta Metcalfe Art Camp for the first time in the summer of 2016. This opportunity opened up a whole new world for Mac by enabling him to communicate his thoughts in his art. That same summer, he also had the privilege to meet and visit with Dr. Temple Grandin, whom he admires for her dedication to educate the world about “differences” including Asperger’s syndrome, in which he and Dr. Grandin both have in common. Dr. Grandin’s advice to Mac after seeing some of his art, “That is worth selling!” She went on to tell him he had a gift of art and he was obligated to share it. Mac is the grandson of Shirley Whitson and the late Gene Whitson of Cheyenne, Oklahoma, and Reta Wells and the late John Wells of Reydon, Oklahoma. He has one sister, Jennifer Wells Hise, and one brother, Travis Wells, and one nephew, Landry Hise.

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