MSW Wine Press July 2017 NY

Casa Ferreirinha Planalto White Reserva, Douro 2015

Rey Campero Mezcal Tepextate Made entirely from wild Tepextate agave that aged nearly twenty years before harvesting. Seductive with its incredibly floral opening bouquet that transitions into stunning notes of hot stones, mineral, vanilla beans, jalapeno and peppercorns. Elegant, ethereal and transporting. This is next level Mezcal. I TEM 30188668 - PAGE 7 Mezcal Real Minero Pechuga The Angeles Carreno family pays due tribute to this special ceremonial expression created by a third distillation that infuses the heirloom fruits of the harvest along with rice, chicken and typically almonds or other nuts. Notes include an earthy sensational savory opening that gives way to more distinct flavors of broth, wild cherries, coconut milk, pine cones and sweet herbs. I TEM 30196255 - PAGE 7 Mezcales de Leyenda Grandes Leyendas Don Anastacio Don Anastacio, a master distiller, recently turned 72 years old. He learned his craft from his father Don Florencio, starting at age 12. The Agave cupreata grows wild in the deciduous forest in northern Guerrero. Crushed by hand in a wooden canoe made of fig trees, then fermented in small oak vats, and distilled in a copper metal pot with an oak hat. I TEM 30196064 - PAGE 7

Produced from indigenous Portuguese varieties (25% Viosinho, 20% Malvasia Fina, 15% Gouveio, 15% Códega, 15% Arinto, 5% Rabigato, 5% Moscatel). Pronounced floral notes stand out, as well as citrus and tropical fruits aromas. The juicy acidity is well integrated on the palate, and the finish is elegant and harmonious. I TEM 30186143 - PAGE 43 Pazo Cilleiro Albari Ñ o, R Í as Baixas 2015 Made from a selection of vines planted in Salnés, it feels fresh and alive, with graceful acidity (the wine did not undergo malolactic) and a fine leesiness that tap dances on the tongue. Its citrus flavors are layered with herbal notes that predominate in the end, leaving a fresh and crisp memory. 92 W&S I TEM 30188247 - PAGE 46 Undurraga Terroir Hunter Sauvignon Blanc, Leyda 2015 Cold fermented in stainless steel vats with selected yeasts and kept in contact with the lees for six months before bottling. There are notes of gooseberries and spices, and the palate shows the chalky texture from the limestone soils. 90 WA I TEM 30188086 - PAGE 28

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