Offshore Energies Magazine - Issue 55 Spring 2023

the workspace, there is also greater efficiency. "We break down silos and aim to make work more enjoyable experience for our clients," he says. And they are using Aize partly to improve efficiency. "Because mistakes can be very costly. Up to a fifth of the time for an average engineer or operator on a project can be spent on finding and verifying data." A key differentiator from its rivals is that Aize works on both greenfield and brownfield developments. It enables a seamless transition of the data model from the engineering space, through commissioning into operations. "Other companies tend to be in the engineering, procurement and construction space (EPC), while we are in both. We believe that we add value: the work we do can be carried over into the operational phase, offering a complete ‘cradle to grave’ data model." The asset portfolio is updated in real time and we have thousands of users, working on projects in development with a capex value totalling $15bn and across many brownfield assets. This is not a product in its test phase. We think we are unique in the way we solve decades-old problems." Customer experience Many of the installations Aize’s clients work on are by nature potentially very hazardous places and so a plant

malfunction could pose a risk to the environment. The responsibility for doing a safe and long-lasting job can in turn induce stress in the designers. Making the process as enjoyable as possible is therefore also an important consideration. And soMr Brun’s job also includes frequentlymeasuring customer satisfaction. "Take a product like Apple," he says. "Using their products can be a fantastic experience. It not only works but it looks elegant, and we have built those principles into our own corporate key performance indicators (KPIs). The business-to-business environment so far suggests that people have not spent enough time improving the look and feel of their products. We check customer feedback on a weekly basis, and their numbers and their experience form our KPIs. Revenues will come with excited users who go on to promote our products. Following interviews with clients we can change or amend anything they do not like." And technology famously keeps on evolving at ever greater speeds: while today’s offerings would have been unimaginable a few decades ago, the untested potential of text-generative progammes such as ChatGPT offers the hope of even bigger change to working practices. "We are investigating how to build the verbal, written articulation of a problem in the spirit of making this too an enjoyable user experience," he says.

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