The Heart of Healthcare | July 2015 Issue 15


Job security is a very important issue among employees. Not surprisingly this was also a big concern among the staff at New Horizons Tower, a retirement home in downtown Toronto. Many people at this workplace were scared of losing their jobs. But one day they decided to do something about it. They heard about some of the good things SEIU Healthcare has done in Christie Gardens, another retirement home in Toronto. The workers decided it was time to form a union in their workplace. “We called SEIU and they got back to us very quickly,” said Sally, a staff member and SEIU Healthcare supporter at New Horizons. “Their staff were excellent. They listened to our concerns and were very supportive.” Sally knew this union drive wasn’t going to be easy. But they stood together and they won. On May 29, New Horizon’s staff members voted to join SEIU by an 86% margin. “It was a real team effort,” she added. “A lot of our co-workers came through. The whole campaign brought us closer together. I met people in other departments and I got to know them. It was an unbelievably positive experience.” Job security wasn’t the only issue at the retirement home. These SEIU members want a stronger voice in their workplace. They want to address important workplace issues without fear of retribution from management. But now they have a union and things are going to change for the better. They will be forming a new bargaining committee to negotiate their first collective agreement with solid support from their new union SEIU Healthcare. EMPLOYEES UNITE AT TORONTO RETIREMENT HOME

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