Trafika Europe 8 - Romanian Holiday

Inna Kabysh

And I climbed onto the chest of drawers under the reproduction of “Madonna with Beardless St. Joseph” and, so as not to think about the mouse, looked through the window at the cherry tree as big as an oak from which Vovka threw me down twin cherries and I hung them on my ears like earrings – and just then Grandma shouted through the fence to old Marfusha that Vasily was lying cold and already stank like Lazarus and old Marfusha should look for some old towels and she came into the hall and began to rummage in the wardrobe. And when they left, Vovka and I ran to the garbage man’s house and saw through the window how Grandma and old Marfusha dragged Vaska from bed on the towels,


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