Trafika Europe 8 - Romanian Holiday


Constantine Severin has provided the cover artwork; his poems appear courtesy of the poet and the translator, Adrian Oproiu. Doina Ruşti’s excerpt from The Phanariot Manuscript and short story “The Lover” are published courtesy of the author. Author photo by Anita Sandu. Poems by Claudiu Komartin furnished by the author. Photo by Ana Toma. Mircea Cărtărescu’s chapter excerpt from Solenoid provided by the author. Photo credit: Mihai Cosuletu. Selections excerpted from T. O. Bobe’s volume, Curl , are provided with permission of Grupul Humanitas and the translator, Sean Cotter. The Taxi Driver monologue by Elise Wilk is excerpted from her play, “It happened one Thursday.” Provided with permission of the author and translator, Raluca Albu. Author photo credit: Alina Andrei. Corina Bernic’s poems are published with the poet’s permission. Photo by Mihaela Ghita. IoanaPârvulescu’s novel, LifeBegins onFriday , is excerpted here with permission of the English-language publisher,


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