Inkwell 2018-2019

Letter FromThe Editor

Dearest Reader: You just want everything to be perfect, don’t you? Not freakish, but not trite. Not pretentious, but hardly unsophisticated. Your life is lived in a careful balance of things that are original, but not too outlandish. Even the thought of undue dampness makes you recoil. Squishy socks. Soft fingernails after a steamy shower. Soggy bread. Welcome to Moisture: a place where the things that go slightly too far are welcomed with open arms. A place where a little bit of cringe is key to unlocking your own inhibition. This wasn’t our original intention. The theme was supposed to be Mirage , something we deemed far more socially acceptable. Changing the theme to moisture began as a joke when we saw that many of our submissions included moist undertones. Indeed, water is ubiquitous. When it came to voting on the submissions, we noticed that we were far more likely to accept the ones that seemed to push the boundaries, the ones that made us shiver in a not entirely good way. If that’s not the point of literature, of art, what is? Without question, artwork as a means of expression has the potential to change the world, but only if you aren’t afraid to get your precious socks wet. With love, Ally Dehoff

Caroline Kirby

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