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WELCOMETO PUBL.COMREADER! muchmore thana reader

This appwill let you conveniently view electronic publications stored on Publ.com. Lots of companies and professionals use this service to transformordinary PDF files, andMS Office documents and presentations intomodern, effective digital publications. Interested? Then you’ll be amazed that every document uploaded to Publ.com is automatically transformed into a complete set of online publications, each of which is designed for a specific device. This guarantees that your content will be presented effectively to every potential viewer: fromdesktop computer owners to those visiting your website on the run using Learnmore about Publ.com

smartphones and tablet devices. And, yes, Publ.comautomatically creates a special version of your document for search engines and social networks; oh, and it protects your information as well. This maximizes the return fromyour documents on the website. HOWDO I USETHIS APP? Publ.comReader is an extension of our clients’HTML5 publications which are viewed in themobile browser Safari. If you click the «Save» button on one of these online publications and select chose «Open in Publ App», then the publication will open in this app. You will be able to download it and read it any time, even offline. If you stumbled across this app in the App Store, you can view our

clients’ featured publications in themain window of the app.With permission from their owners, we have selected themost effective and interesting publications for your enjoyment.


By the way, if someday you want to create your own app for the iPad with your own library of documents, books, educational courses, or magazines, you can do that with ease using Publ.com. Our specialists will help you quickly get your own branded app for iOS and Android. You will be able to download any publications to it; they will be instantly available to your readers, customers, and partners.

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