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E Barnaut CHAMPAGNE Edmond Barnaut was one of the first pioneers in Cham- pagne to create his own brand outside of the controlling centers of power of Epernay and Reims. In 1874 he set up shop in Bouzy, where he owned vines and where he married Appoline Godmé-Barancourt, heiress to additional vineyards in the village. Cellars were dug as deep as 15 me- ters underground, and the first cuvée made of two-thirds Pinot Noir and one-third Chardonnay was launched. 713062 Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru NV 750ml $43.99 91V 403253 Brut Reserve Grand Cru NV 1500ml $71.99 90V 822596 Brut Reserve Grand Cru NV 375ml $24.67 90V 309869 Brut Reserve Grand Cru NV 750ml $43.99 90V 334821 Brut Rosé Grand Cru Authentique NV 750ml $46.67 91V Laurent Perrier CHAMPAGNE Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier has been avant-garde in creating unique and elegant Champagnes for nearly two hundred years, making it one of the world’s most esteemed Champagne brands, and also the largest family owned brand. Located in the northeastern region of France, the Champagne region has one of the coolest possible wine producing climates, which is moderated by the Marne River and the region’s proximity to the ocean. Laurent-Perrier is based in the picturesque village of Tours-sur-Marne – an ideal location at the intersection between Champagne’s three foremost sub-regions: Montagne de Reims, Vallée de

F R ANCE Besserat de Bellefon CHAMPAGNE

Edmond Besserat founded Besserat Champagne in 1843. After Edmond, his grandsons continued to build the repu- tation of the house. In 1927, Edmond Besserat, a grandson of the founder, married Yvonne de Meric de Bellefon, who came from another prestigious Champagne family, and the house of Besserat de Bellefon Champagne was born. The historic Bellefon Château is world-renowned, in Épernay, in the heart of the Champagne region. Besserat de Bellefon has continued to be a leading European Champagne brand for over 150 years. 193897 Blanc de Blancs NV 750ml $60.67 91WE 393029 Brut NV 375ml $24.99 91WE 605604 Brut NV 750ml $39.99 91WE 433806 Brut NV 1500ml $85.99 91WE 333463 Brut NV 3000ml $245.00 91WE 148474 Brut Grand Tradition NV 750ml $31.99 700451 Brut Rosé NV 375ml $32.67 91WS 271815 Brut Rosé NV 750ml $53.99 91WS 433762 Brut Rosé NV 1500ml $124.99 91WS 388409 Brut Vintage 2006 750ml $57.99 93WE 759068 Brut Vintage 2008 750ml $82.67 93RP Drappier CHAMPAGNE Although the vines in Urville were originally planted by the Romans 2000 years ago, it was Saint Bernard, founder of Clairvaux Abbey, who had cellars built in 1152. Seven centuries later, in 1808, the family domaine was created —today, it is headed by Michel Drappier, and cultivated according to organic and natural principles. 178484 Brut Rosé NV 375ml $24.33 522624 Brut Rosé NV 750ml $46.67 172454 Carte d’Or Brut NV 375ml $22.67 90WS 834337 Carte d’Or Brut NV 750ml $36.48 90WS 110432 Charles De Gaulle NV 750ml $61.48 807458 Grand Sendree 2008 750ml $89.99 93WS

la Marne and Côte des Blancs. 486282 Alexandra Rosé 2004 526790 Blanc de Blanc Brut Nature NV

750ml $233.00 95WE

750ml $60.00 94JS 750ml $53.00 92JS 1500ml $114.00 96WE 750ml $57.00 96WE 750ml $53.00 92JS 1500ml $137.00 92WE 750ml $66.00 92WE

853722 Brut 2007 166871 Brut 2008 688488 Brut 2008

647090 Brut (Gift Box) 2007 436014 Cuvée Rosé NV 944690 Cuvée Rosé NV

932379 Cuvée Rosé

Constellation NV

750ml $66.00 92WE

920315 Cuvée Rosé

Silhouette Tin NV 750ml $66.00 92WE 129090 Cuvée Rosé Tiger Cage NV 750ml $68.00 92WE 668052 Cuvée Rosé Wood Box NV 3000ml $340.00 92WE 382539 Grand Siecle #24 NV 750ml $133.00 97WE 727714 Grand Siecle #24 Gift Box NV750ml$133.00 97WE 679357 Harmony Demi Sec NV 375ml $17.5091W&S 656724 Harmony Demi Sec NV 750ml $34.7591W&S 945307 La Cuvée Brut NV 3000ml $225.00 91WS 169080 La Cuvée Brut NV 375ml $17.50 91WS 137216 La Cuvée Brut NV 1500ml $70.00 91WS 571168 La Cuvée Brut NV 750ml $34.75 91WS 911125 La Cuvée Brut NV 187ml $10.00 91WS 343314 La Cuvée Brut W/ 2 Glasses NV 750ml $34.75 91WS 834812 La Cuvée Brut Gift Box NV 750ml $34.75 91WS 273273 La Cuvée Brut Gift Box Gold NV 750ml $34.75 91WS 334393 Ultra Brut NV 750ml $53.00 93WE

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