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THREEANTIQUEPIECESFOR YOURHOME Ah, antiques. They’re stylish, they tell a story, and they’re eco- friendly. What’s not to love? Of course, not everyone is into the pre-loved look and that’s okay. But before you rule out vintage style completely, consider these three pieces of antique furniture and decor, all of which can be displayed in their aged glory, updated, or turned into something completely different! 1. Oversized Gold Frame. Whether you love them as is, or prefer them painted in a fresh colour, those heavy, beautifully carved, Rococo-style frames are surely a conversation starter. Pair with a mirror or a piece of art. To go the more eclectic route, choose abstract artwork that contrasts with the frame’s over-the-top aesthetic. Another option is to leave the frame empty, allowing it to make a statement all on its own. If gold just isn’t your thing, have it spray painted white and mount on a white wall for a unique spin on minimalism. 2. Steamer Trunk. Not only are antique trunks full of character, but you can also fill them with stuff! Part statement piece, part storage solution, antique trunks can also act as a coffee or side table – or easily become a bench. Just as with any vintage furniture piece, you can leave a worn and slightly beat up trunk as it is, or update it with paint or fabric. 3. Ornate Dining Chair. Whether you only incorporate one ornate dining chair into your home, or are able to find a whole set, you'll be adding charm and history to your space. Different chair styles reflect different eras and you can either decorate while drawing inspiration from the same timeframe, or go in a completely oppositional direction. Try pairing a Victorian-style chair with industrial elements. If you’re looking to outfit an entire dining table with chairs, but can’t find a set, select various chairs and paint them all one colour to create unity – while still maintaining their unique personalities.

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FIVE ITALIANFOODIEVACATIONS Does a food-centered vacation in the land of handmade pasta sound amazing? Here are five places to visit if you love Italian food as much as you love travel. 1. Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School. Named after the innovative Sicilian chef and run by her daughter, this cooking school is located in a wine estate and offers classes that last from a one day to a ten-week intensive stay. 2. Cooking with Giuliano Hazan. Want to learn to cook from a best- selling cookbook author? Well, you can! Creator of The Classic Pasta Cookbook, Giuliano Hazan, runs a top cooking-school that offers weeklong courses. 3. La Querica Estate. Family-run The Cooking Studio at Tuscany’s La Querica Estate runs cooking classes in the morning and evening, where visitors are guided through family recipes. 4. Umbria Food and Wine Tour. A professional chef offers customized food and wine tours in historical Umbria. Enjoy such events as Cheesemaking 101 and Farm to Table, which teaches tourists how to make bread. 5. Private Tours in Rome. Go on a foodie walking tour with a Rome- based author and journalist, who can take you anywhere in Rome you want – and point out all the best spots to wine and dine.

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