2018 WESSA Annual Review

The five Schools & Youth Entrepre- neurship programmes aim to make a positive contribution to preparing young people to become active par- ticipants in a sustainable economy. #1 Head Start: In this programme, WESSA’s attention is on stimulation for Early Learning. Head Start provides cre- ative workshops for parents, caregiv- ers and early childhood development practitioners on how to create effective and useful tools, games and learning support materials for young children. #2 Triple H: Head, Heart & Hands. This programme gives young people the knowledge, passion and skills to make their way in the world. Head is for theo- ry, thinking and learning. Heart is about caring for the earth, people and sus- tainability, and finding passion. Hands is about being able to apply the theory and ways of thinking in a practical sense. There are two components to this part of the programme - Grade 7 Entrepreneur- ship, and High School Business Clubs. #3 High School Business Clubs have been shaped by the experience gained through the award-winning EEESAY project undertaken with Teach AMan To Fish. High schools in KwaZulu-Natal and theEasternCape set upabusiness that is run by the learners in order to gain prac- tical skills that support them to either become entrepreneurs or improve their academic achievement and progress.

#4 Greening the School Tuckshop is a programme that enables a tuckshop to become a learning tool for busi- ness development. The programme also addresses waste management through the creation of eco-bricks for building outdoor classrooms. #5 Eco-Hub ‘eco’ implying both econom- ic and ecology – focuses on the more than half of learners who leave school before reaching matric. This three year programme provides young people with a self-directed learning journey that enables them to gain practical skills in entrepreneurship and an under- standing of their role in the economy. It also supports them to set up and man- age their own internal support struc- ture along with other school leavers.


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