2018 WESSA Annual Review


In 2017/2018:

EEESAY (Entrepreneurial and Envi- ronmental Empowerment for South African Youth), which is a European Commission funded project in partner- ship with Teach-a-man-to-fish, is in its second year of implementation and fo- cuses on developing school businesses within high schools. It is a three-year partnership with Teach A Man To Fish. Over the project period, a total of 6 000 learners in 40 schools gain knowl- edge through the planning, setting up and running of a school business. In addition to experiential learning, young people also gain essential life skills such as creative thinking, prob- lem-solving, leadership and team work. Schools are supported with a num- ber of workshops, field visits and an annual gathering where learners and educators can share their learn- ing, showcase their business and gain some insights about their own prog- ress. Cathcart High School in the East- ern Cape has gained international rec- ognition and was awarded a prize for the Best Business Idea in the School Enterprise Challenge awards 2017. The EEESAY project won the Gold Award in the prestigious Green Economy cate- gory of the Eco-Logic Awards in 2018.

38 schools involved

1899 learners involved in school businesses

32 number of businesses started

16 school businesses making a profit

182 people supported through workshops


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